Hey, this is Beechy. Thanks for taking the time to look at our range of 4WD drawers. Our Drifta units are pretty unique…we use Teflon runners to help the drawers slide – we pioneered this idea and by using Teflon you save weight, space and money! Plus the Teflon slides smoother and easier than clumsy bearing runners. Very popular too is the slide out table that we do with most of our units…this can be slid half way out and used as a bench out the back of your truck, or removed completely and set up free standing – very handy. Plus there’s the kitchen option, see details below.

We make all of our systems to fit into any vehicle…I have all the measurements here of every truck so I make sure the units are the exact LxW that will fit into the space you have – this means you get no wasted space around the sides, so the biggest drawer you can for your money. There’s also a lot of individual features for every vehicle, some are detailed below (all the popular trucks will be detailed soon – work in progress!!), but if your truck isn’t listed just have a look at the systems listed…and you can email me if you’re unsure.

I also design a lot of custom set-ups, some real tricky ones…so if you have an idea of your own just email me through some details, maybe even a sketch and I’ll have a look at it. Or you can call in to our workshop in Gloucester…we have a few trucks here fitted out (47 series, 73 series shorty, 75 series troopy, 76 series, 80 series, Prado 150, FJ cruiser, Hilux dual cab and a Ford Ranger dual cab) they all have different Drifta set-ups in them. Drifta now has 50 staff…25 factory bays, so we’re doing our bit for Aussie manufacturing!!

Also check out the “Related Products”…we do a lot of retail items now which work well with our drawers and 4WDing. Cheers, Beechy…..