• Click below for more details on our rapid wing 270 degree awnings. We can do them passenger side or driver side.



  • We are now making a large range of canvas products. We can also make small custom jobs. Click below to view products.




  • TAN or BROWN

    S-BINER No 1 $3.50

    Hand made leather key tags, can be personalised with two initials.


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  • These are our new wheel covers, got them for our own trucks and the trailers, but yeah they look great, and few people have been wanting one.. so I’m happy to sell them at my cost price, $75 each.. so if you love your 'Drifta' product, and want to have one of these covers, let me know.. ta luke


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  • 5 ltr $18, 10 ltr $22

    these are a small water jerry, made by an Australian company Supex (Goulburn nsw)... comes with small spout, and a solid cap.. very handy size..


    View large pack and carry folding fire pit

  • Leather awl, made in America, comes with 2 needles, internal spool complete with thread, and an extra 30 m of waxed cotton thread..  used for sewing leather, but also canvas, so perfect for camping trailers canvas repairs... 


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  • Steel S Biner carabiner style bottle opener..

    These are awesome! Bottle opener S Biner.. lot of people drinking craft beers now, beechy got me onto drinking pale ale.. but they all need a bottle opener.. so keep this in your truck, or clipped to the back of your camper.. 


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  • Made in Japan, this is a very high quality, stainless steel portable coffee grinder, with adjustable ceramic burrs.. 130 mm high, 250 gms, holds about 20 grams beans. Enough for 2 full cups..


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  • Large $17 Each / 2 for $32
    Small $22 Each / 2 for $42 (Adjustable)
    Made in Japan by Porlex, these are high quality spice/ salt/ pepper grinders with ceramic burrs..
    100 mm high each..


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  • Made from the same bootliner as our 4wd drawers, this is a 300 x 300 mm bag, with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners close, and edge seamed, you can store all sorts of things inside.. perfect for LED light strip.. made inhouse at Drifta


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    4.3 x 2.4 m $209 (incl 4 x snow peak 20 cm stakes) - LARGE
    1.8 x 2.4 m $139 (incl 4 x snow peak 20 cm stakes) - SMALL

    This new c gear matting is awesome.. made for landing choppers on in sandy conditions, it’s also perfect for annex matting around your campsite.. we have two sizes, larger size for camping trailers, and the smaller size is ideal for under the awning of your 4wd..


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  • Normally $299 - On special $275

    Maxtrax mk11 $279 (Army Green)
    Maxtrax mk11 $279 (Titanium)
    Maxtrax mk11 $279 (Orange)
    Maxtrax mk11 $279 (Black)


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  • We can supply, or supply and fit the Redarc range products, also Bainbridge technology products, such as the Baintech DC power boards.. we have a fully qualified Auto Electrican working for us full time installing these products into 4wd’s, particularly when drawers are being fitted..