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Drifta Swags – Green canvas $160 Add to cart

Drifta Swags – Camo canvas $175 Add to cart

Drifta Swags – Pink canvas $175 Add to cart

Open size 900 x 1950 mm
This is a simple swag, top and bottom only really. No tent style.. mattress not included. Designed to be used with a SIM (self inflating mattress)
Rolled up approx. 300 x 300 x 950 mm
(this is with self inflating mattress, and sleeping bag inside. )

Many swags these days are just so big.. if you like using swags, especially for the kids, well it’s just very hard to carry them as they are so bulky.. so this is a simple swag, like they used to be, before swags turned into tents.. Combined with a self inflating mattress (SIM), which are becoming very popular these days, they roll up very small.. the one I use on my motorbike, has a SIM, and down sleeping bag, and easily fits on the back of the bike. (I fold it in half, before I roll it up)

Made in our Drifta Canvas factory, with all Australian canvas, and our trademark three sided YKK zips..

I will be bringing out a kids version, which is about a ¾ size, this will be on the web shortly.. L

Inflatable Mattress 5 CM $245

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Snow Peak oFuton

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Pillow Bag

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