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Fynspray Galley Pump $84  Add to cart

Made in New Zealand, this is a high quality marine galley pump, made from plastic, chrome and stainless steel.. ideal for camping trailers, and camping kitchens..measures 220 mm from the base to the bottom, and 120 mm from the base to the top of the spout. 32 mm hole..

Most camper trailers have a hand pump on the outside rear of the trailer.. also often one inside on the kitchen.. most common was a Trojan hand pump, used to be Aus made, but the quality dropped terribly a few years ago, and I’m pretty sure they were now made overseas.. we switched to another Aus made pump called ‘Breha hand pump’ .. they retail for about $45, full plastic and are really good, which we put in our kitchens now.. but I also recently found this pump, it’s made from chrome and stainless steel, and is a marine pump, capable of salt water.. being marine, it’s top quality, and yeah nice to find something made in New Zealand.. we use these pumps now on the outside of the DOT campers, and I have found them really good.. so if you are looking for a replacement hand pump, and want something that is very good quality and will last, then these are the go.. there are a fully replacement seal kit also available, which I’ll put up on the web shortly.. they will fit any of our Drifta kitchens, so if you want a replacement pump, these will fit straight in.. also, the hole to fit these needs to be 32 mm, or 1 ¼ inch, which is what most hand pumps are, so they should fit straight on to most campers… the end fits 12 or 13 mm clear hose, or drink hose..

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