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Leatherman Surge Kit $245 Add to cart

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x leatherman surge (latest model)
  • 1 x nylon sheath, with rear and side pockets
  • 1 x P3 AFS led lenser AAA bat torch (incl accessories)
  • 1 x 40 piece bit kit
  • 1 x metal blade (hacksaw)
  • 1 x free drifta stubby holder.

This is the newly released leatherman surge.. there are heaps of leatherman tools available, we’ll just supply a couple of the ones we like and use.. this surge has got a lot of tools on it, while still being a good size and weight. (ie not too big and heavy)  particularly knife accessible from the outside is a must.. also, the wire cutter blades are replaceable.. at some stage (if like me) you’ll  tackle a piece of wire a bit too big, (maybe high tensile?) and can dent the blades.. this sort of stuffs the whole tool, as they jam closed … so yeah having replaceable blades is very handy..  the bit holder is very cool! You can get a bit extension tool also, this is 80 mm long, so extends the reach of the 40 assorted bits included.. (ask if you want this, they are extra $25) .. also the changeable/ replaceable timber/metal saw is awesome… we’ve put together a kit, got them in stock, yeah so see what you reckon.. ta luke    ps, i have got this priced best i can.. if comparing prices, most leatherman surge’s online are the old model, so quiet different.. easiest way to tell is to look for the replaceable wire cutters.. if you find a better deal, let me know i’ll see what i can do.. ta luke

Bit holders contain a range of allen keys, flat and phillips screwdrivers etc.. for a full list of exactly what’s included, click here..


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