Hi, thanks for taking the time to consider our DOT camper range.. our standard packages are listed below, with spec sheets attached.. no worries to add or subtract items as needed, so just email me or call if any questions or changes..

The trailer is wholly made in our Gloucester DOT factory, using Australian suppliers for components.. trailer parts are by Alko; steel is Duragal by Austube; rims by Mullins; toolboxes, sidebox and canopy by Diamond T; awning by Supapeg, canvas and material is from Nolan/UDA, and the new Hannibal tent is now locally made in Brissy also..

I could easily build a cheaper trailer, but my focus is on the best quality components, without the price being excessive.. we do have low overheads here in Gloucester, ie we own our own factories, and by not going to all the extremely expensive shows all around the country, it helps keep the cost down.. it’s unfortunate we can’t tow our DOT to all the shows, but being so expensive, having 60 fulltime staff, and wanting to keep a bit of a life still, it’s just not something we can manage at this point.. plus, we are pretty much selling as many DOT’s as we can build, about 6 a month.. we aren’t going to expand any more than this. Again, 60 staff, is more than enough for me.. we are selling many DOT’s interstate, and many sight unseen, mostly through my you tube video’s.. we have lots of video’s showing as much as I can about the DOT, how it is made, how it’s progressed, and how it performs..

We have two DOTs on display here, a 5 and a 6 foot DOT, and can even show you around the factory, so make an appointment and drop in if you would like to have a look..

Some of the old advertising, one of the first video’s, mentioned a price of about $16k, while the spec sheets show DOT’s around $21 – 22K. this is just because of added extra’s.. these packages include lots of extra’s, that most people seem to want/ need.. it’s not that the price has jumped.. extra’s include things like the awning walls, annex walls, max trax, stove, canopy, black stainless version of the kitchen, etc..

Anyway, yeah thanks again for your interest. See what you reckon : ) ta luke



  • We can now fit a 47 ltr evakool fridge in a Drifta Fridge box package deal, second battery, redarc battery management system, folding solar panel.. click for more details…



these products are great with the DOT