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Red Leather 4.7 MM Lace $5 M Add to cart

red kangaroo lacing, ideal for looping around zips, to help locate them.. sold by the meter..

I’ve been looking for a while for something to do this job, tried several things, and I reckon this is ideal..we had tried thin orange cord, like oztent uses, but it just frays very easy, and it gets stuck on the hook and loop fasterner (v.e.l.c.r.o) and frays even worse.. so this is ideal… Australian tanned roo hide, coloured bright red, this is very touch leather, will last for ages, and you only need a small amount.. loop it in half, thread thru the zip end, and thread the ends back thru the loop, pull tight.. this will now give you a bright indication where the zipper is, which is great for many bags, particularly the roof top bags, RTT covers, etc… you need about 150 mm for each zip, so 1 meter will give you about 6 – 7 pieces to use on zips…


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