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We fit a lot of Redarc gear. They are a very good Australian company, with products manufactured here in Australia and designed for our conditions.. Because we have low overheads here in our factory, we can install Redarc products properly and for very competitive prices.. As we have qualified auto electricians that have been trained by REDARC doing the installations, you have a hassle free full warranty on goods being supplied and fitted by us.

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This form shows you the work that can be done to your vehicle. The prices including installation will be send to you by Nathan once you provide him all information.


Drawer Accessories

We have a great selection of accessories to go with our 4WD Drawers –

fridge slides / sliding top, tie down points, water tanks, cargo barriers, aluminium

edging, insert drawers, swap drawers, lock box, bed extension and more…..

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Most common we supply and fit is the Redarc tow pro brake controller, and a BC-DC charger. We keep most of the range in stock..

Beechy is now building 30 sets of 4wd / van drawers a week.. many people want a dual battery installed, also with rear 12 v plugs etc.. particularly the new twin cabs, often the second battery needs to go in the back with the drawers, as there is no room in the front, and this ideally needs to be done while the drawers are being installed..

Now we have Nathan working for us fulltime, he’s our on site Auto Electrician, and also he’s fully qualified mechanic and Auto Electrician.. so that’s been great, he specialises in Redarc products, and knows all the different vehicles the different requirements, re the modern alternators.. so Nathan can now work alongside Beechy, and fit 12 v / dual batteries while Beechy is fitting out the drawers.. also, often a carpeted panel, or even a battery box needs to be made, so we can do that here at our factories very easily.. custom battery boxes for example can cost a fortune thru say ARB, but we can make one up very easily in our DOT factory..

The other thing is, Drifta has a very good reputation for quality work.. Auto elec work has always been, in my opinion, something very hard to find someone who can fit properly, at a good price, and you can trust the job.. I’ve had some bad experiences myself with our now 8 toyota’s, from DCDC chargers not installed correctly, wires coming loose, bad earths, etc.. and costing a bloody fortune.. I’ve seen and heard some real horror stories, of dodgy / shonky work, or work that is extremely overpriced… so yeah Nathan really knows his stuff, he’s very experienced, will do a perfect job, and can easily quote you up on the work needing to be done, for a very reasonable price.. also he can make sure you are getting the right parts to suit your vehicle.. dual batteries, isolators, DC DC chargers, battery management systems, solar input, ignition wires, it’s all very complicated.. many different vehicles have very different requirements.. so yeah you can be sure he’ll be giving the right advise on what’s needed.. email for advise/ pricing.. also you can ask Beechy if you are getting drawers fitted/ quoted, and he can organise Nathan to contact you.. ta luke


12 V Camper Trailer Work

12- Camper-Trailer-Work01

We have a lot of camping trailers coming to Drifta HQ, mostly to have kitchens installed, but they also often need 12 V work done.. so with two auto electricians on site, we can easily do this.. you need to email me , we can give an estimate quote of work needing to be done, and book your trailer in.. because we are building our own campers, now 8 a month, with a lot of 12 v work included, we carry a good supply of parts, chargers, etc.. also because of our fabrication factory, (building our DOTS) we can easily make mounting boards, brackets, from plywood, or steel / aluminium.. so we have everything here basically to get the job done.


12 V – Supply And Install UHF Radios


We can now supply and install UHF radio’s to your vehicle.. contact Nathan for details,, we can supply one, or you can purchase your own, and we can install.. mostly we are doing this work when drawers are getting fitted, so if you are getting drawers done from us, and would like also a UHF fitted, same time, then we can do this no worries.. L


Contact-Mark EMAIL:
PHONE: (02) 6558 2328 (BH)
7 Lowe St Gloucester NSW 2422



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