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Large Tooth Bigboy $79 Add to cart 

BLADE 360 mm, total length folded 400 mm The ideal folding saw, this is the one you want for cutting firewood for the firepit, or for clearing the odd small tree.. This will be the most popular silky folding saw.. at 400 mm long folded, it will easily fit anywhere in your drawers.. it doesn’t come with a case, but doesn’t really need one.. if you’d like one, let me know I’ll make up a bootliner case, would be $20.. a saw like this has two uses really, one, it’s perfect for cutting firewood for your snow peak firepit, just cut the timber ½ way thru, then break in half.. you can quickly and easily cut the right length firewood, with this saw.. two, if you’re 4wding in the bush, or just out and about, then it’s not uncommon to find a tree branch across the road.. even a small branch, 100 mm thick, is enough to stop you if it’s sitting up above the ground.. with a saw like this, you can cut thru a tree even up to 300 mm thick.. as long as you watch you don’t jam the blade, it will easily cut thru.. with a lot of storms around now, then trees across the road can easily stop you getting to where you want to go… so it pays to have one of these in your vehicle.. if I’m going 4wding for the day now, I don’t worry about carrying a chainsaw anymore, I have the silky bigboy, and the silky katana boy, and that replaces the chainsaw.. chainsaw’s in the back of your wagon, are always fumy, and take up a lot of room, so this is way easier..


Spare Blade For Bigboy

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Medium Tooth Bigboy $79

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Drifta Bigboy Cover $26

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Ok, so our prices are best we can do, we can’t discount.. they are pretty much as far as I know, around the cheapest on AU websites..  there are some dealers on ebay, selling from Japan, offering for example a katana boy for much less than we can buy them for.. I’ve talked to Silky Japan, and these ebay sellers are not authorised, so there is no warranty on the saws.. also, the blades are thinner, and not the same high tensile steel as the ones we sell in Australia.. they are a lighter version, not suitable for hardwood. Also, Silky themselves are concerned that the saws offered on ebay may be fakes…  so , yeah if you price check and see something cheaper overseas, then now you know why this is the case.. buyer beware I suppose.. Drifta is an authorised distributor of Silky, we uphold all warranty issues, not that we’ve had any, and all items are of course genuine Silky saw.. : ) L

UPDATE.. I was just at silky’s HQ in October, near Kyoto in Japan.. spent the day with the GM Mr Miyawaki, who’s grandfather created the silky company 100 years ago.. so he explained more on the cheaper saws on ebay.. basically, silky have a range of saws for the local market, and also a separate range for export market, also called the ‘professional series’ .. silky has a much bigger range of saws for the local market, and has many more ‘entry level’ saws, which aren’t as strong as the ‘professional series’ .. so the fittings are stronger, and also the blades are much thicker.. this is one of the main differences.. so the imported saws from ebay, have much thinner blades, than the ones we sell.. we only stock the export quality ‘professional series’ silky saws.. so that’s why they are more expensive.. : ) L


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