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    NEW KIT, if you want to get into the snow peak firepit, but as cost effective as you can, then this is what you need.. includes, large fire pit, bridge, grill net, and nylon bag. Size 520 x 550 x 50 mm packed down weight 8.5 kg


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  • save $40 on individual prices + FREE DRIFTA BLOW TORCH

    Packs in a bag 600 x 550 x 60 mm Weighs total 12.5 kgs. Everything you need to start using the snow peak firepit, and to be able to cook meals over the coals..


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  • Reduced from $395 (save $20)

    NEW, from snow peak, this Jikaro table , surrounds the firepit, and totally transforms it’s use.. made from stainless steel, it assembles in about a minute, and is like a small table surrounding the firepit. Suits both large and medium firepit. 10 kgs.


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  • for Jikaro Table Bamboo Extension table, that fits onto the Snow Peak Jikaro table. Includes bootliner bag, 400 mm stainless legs, and bootliner bag for the legs. Table measures 850 x 500 x15 mm legs 400 mm long


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  • (large and medium firepits) this ‘bridge’ fits on the top of the firepit, giving you a platform to hold the grill net/ grill plates etc.. you can see in the photo top left, that it can be lowered to give heat adjustment..


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  • You can get a steel black powdercoated baseplate to go under the firepit, like shown. This is ideal to give it a firm base to sit on, and protects the ground.


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  • This baseplate stand, is a great idea. It folds in half, and flat for very easy storage. You connect them together like shown. (this stand fits both the medium and large fire pits, so one side is for the large, the other side for medium fire pit)


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  • This canvas bag is extremely well made. It has an internal divider and it will fit all your fire pit gear


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  • This is not a snow peak product, but something i get made up myself locally. It’s stainless steel mesh, cut to just the right size. (snow peak does have something like this, but it’s made from cast iron, is about 10 mm thick, and is quiet heavy. This is all that’s needed. )


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