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here’s a great fitout we did recently on a ute back canopy.. we are doing lots of these now, and can easily customise the layout to suit exactly what’s needed… these photos give a good idea of the range of options we can do for a ute fitout.. the design is always a compromise between what the customer wants/ needs, and what we can recommend that will work and be practical.. cause beechy has done so many of these fitouts now, he can give you great advise as to the layout you need… e-mail beechy for details… ta luke

A nice setup we did recently, we sent this to Darwin, so just worked of measurements, and sent it all up on a pallet. Beechy can work this sort of custom drawer setups with you no worries… ta luke


This is our ute back kitchen.. perfect for the back of a ute with a canvas or steel canopy, or also for the ‘candy canvas’ style campers. it measures 1000 mm long, 600 mm high, and 550 mm deep.. this measurements can be added or subtracted to no worries.. the stove area fits a jnr lido, these are worth $285 retail, we can include one for $270 if needed.. this stove is just the perfect size/shape for this kitchen.. it’s higher, with a griller underneath.

See how the table fits in at the top.. this can be lifted out, and the stove sat on top.. this leaves the large area on the kitchen for prep space… there is plenty of storage, with two drawers, and a large space under this, for a wash tub etc. Also a large cupboard for food etc.. ideally line the drawers/ cupboard etc with some non slip matting.

You can see here there is plenty of bench space, with easy access to the drawers etc.. and with the table right next to you, it’s a very practical setup.. let me know if you are keen on a setup like this.. ta luke

this is a patrol ute, with a hard canopy we did.. often the canopy’s have a ‘lip’ at the bottom, this one has about a 100 mm lip, so it’s a lot of wasted space.. so we put the drawers on a frame, then have a section cut out under the drawers, so you can use this space for storage.. this setup has a drawers with a table, and a fridge box out one side (with a drop slide) and drawers out the other side… we’re doing a lot of these ‘uteback’ fitouts, and can easily customize the layout to suit what’s needed, but still keep our standard pricing, so it’s no extra for the custom work.. e-mail beechy for details ta luke

We do lots of ute back fitouts, shown here is a custom kitchen, with a table incorporated in the top.. there is a fridge box on each side, with a drop slide.. next to that is a D2D – drifta two drawer… this is a really nice custom setup..



Beechy (mark) is our manager for all the 4wd drawers.. he handles all our enquiries, and all the construction and fitting. Much of our work is slightly custom made, or some majorly so. It’s amazing how many different sets / combinations of drawers we build each week.. there is pretty much nothing Beechy can’t work out for you, if you want something custom made… i’ve been extremely lucky to find Beechy, who is as passionate about our Drifta products as i am.. so, any enquires, questions etc, just send him and e-mail, or give him a call… thanks for your time, rgds luke

Contact-Mark EMAIL:
PHONE: (02) 6558 2328 (BH)
7 Lowe St Gloucester NSW 2422



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