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Hello Julie,

Some pictures of the fitted out van for Mark and Luke.
They don’t look as I had hoped – but at the moment it’s either bright sunlight – or too dark.
If there is anything else in particular they would like just let me know and I’ll make an attempt.
I hope to have them posted with my feedback on the forum I use, over the weekend.
Please pass on my thanks again to all including Andrew.
I am very happy with the quality result and glad I made the trip.

Regards – Steve

Stephen Lees

here is a ‘lightace’ imported from japan, we recently fitted out.. (it’s for sale if anyone is keen, in newcastle thru a dealer. He’s got several of them) it has a drawer out the side, and two drawers with a table out the rear.. the table has a hole, so you can fit a handpump like shown. So with a plastic tub, and single burner stove, it’s pretty much a kitchen.. also an ‘insert’ drawer in the large rear drawer is really handy.. this is the perfect ‘basic fitout’ for a van.. very economical, lightweight, and perfect to put a mattress on top, while still being able to access a huge storage area underneath, and having the luxury of a large table you can pull out in seconds.. yeah this is an awesome little van, pretty rare in australia, it’s a smaller ‘camper’ version of the highace, with full curtains, and a large sunroof… e-mail beechy for details… ta luke

Here’s a SWB VW T5 van. The customer wanted stepped drawers so he could fit long tool like shovels, etc in the one drawer….so two drawers out the side drawer, and two drawers with a table out the rear.. sidewings all round.. this was a bit over $3000 for the full fitout..

This is a short wheelbase VW T5.. we put one custom drawer out the side, and two drawers out the rear… also sidewings to make a flush finish… how neat is that! this was about $2600 including fitting… email beechy for details.. ta luke

Here is a hiace fitted out, with the sides lined, and some nice long – deep drawers, with a table above one drawer…. e-mail beechy for details..

Here’s a Hiace fitout we do a lot of now, two drawers out the back, one (shown) or two drawers out the side door, and we have also lined the walls. We can pretty much custom make these fitouts to what ever is needed… give me or Beechy a call/e-mail if you’d like a quote on a fitout.. rgds Luke

we’re doing a lot of these tradesman van fitouts, this one is for an electrician. It’s a D2D – drifta two drawer custom out the back, with some custom shelves either side, as per what the customer wanted… this was a bit over $3000.. we’re becoming really specialized now with these custom van fitouts… we’ve expanded our factory with 3 bays now dedicated to these type of fitouts..

this fitout we did for Wendy, she had a high top hiace. We did a kitchen in the front with a built in fridge, fold up stove shelf on the end, so the stove can be used outside.. the bedbase has a lift up section to make more sleeping area, and folds down during the day. the shelves were custom made to suit… we do a lot of these Hiace fitouts now, most of them custom made to suit exactly what the customer needs.. the prices are usually in the range of $2500 to $4500, depending on what is needed… but you can easily get a beautifully finished practical fitout for under $5k.

These are a DPOR pull out kitchen, and a storage drawer next to it.. we also build a bedbase frame, and lined the walls. See how they have also used the new oztent ‘foxwing’ awning, which is really ideally suited to get some cover over the rear of the van…


Many people with vans, need a window cut in to the side door. You really can’t sleep in a van in hot weather , without windows open. But without fly screen, the mozzies will get in. I was put onto this company in Sydney by a customer of ours, and they are very good.

They install windows and also forward facing seat etc, so if you are looking at fitting out a van, and need a window or seats installed, talk to Dave if you like.

Here is a Toyota hiace van we did a basic fitout on recently. We are starting to do a lot of these. It makes for a very functional budget fitout. This one was around $2500 fitted. It has a DPOR kitchen, a large storage box, a carpet lined carcus around it all, and side wings fitted. If you have any questions about any sort of van fitout, give me a call.. rgds Luke

this is a fitout we did for Matt from gosford in his mercedes van. We have put in a carcass for sleeping on, a storage box on the left, and a drifta van back kitchen and small tucker box n the right. Up front, the van has seats that fold fwd, so we have to panels that fit in place to form the extended bed area. These will lift out to set the seats back up, so it can become a 5 seater again. With the seats down, the coloured panel is also a table, so it can be set up inside , or taken outside also….we have also lined some of the wall panels and roof, as per what matt wanted… this all came in at just under $3000. This makes a very cost effective but very practical setup. Rgds Luke

this is a fitout we did for richard from kempsey. It’s in a Toyota van. He wanted somewhere for his two fridges up the front, but also a panel that can fit in place when the fridges are removed. There are two long drawers out the back, and one out the side. It has a false top that is scribed in to the side walls. There are three separate carcasses, and they can all be removed easily in 5 minutes. These long drawers , running just on plastic skids, slide beautifully, and are very strong. This was all fitted for under $2500. Rgds Luke

This is a simple van fitout we did recently. There is two drawers coming out the rear, with sidepanels, and lift out center bed section. At the front is our standard pull out trailer kitchen, the DPO. It can pull out and be set up out the side door , under the awning.

This is a Mercedes Sprinter we fitted out for Jack and Jill…with a total of 10 slide out drawers – it’s a big van so heaps of storage available! These guys had 2 beds in the back, and we could easily make some drop in panels to turn this quickly into a double, no worries. I also made some bed heads with some in built shelves…then at the front a heap more drawers, fridge storage and a couple of our slide out tables. We fit out more and more Mercedes Sprinters these days – they’re becoming a real familiar sight here at Drifta…

Here’s a couple of cupboard we made – just for some extra storage and the LH unit will be used as a kitchen. The RH unit houses a big fridge and the drop down doors are there to stor the battery plus other items.


Also will work for vans, as a modular kitchen


This is our new drifta boat kitchen. It is made from waterproof plastic, and marine grade stainless fittings. As you can see, it has a hand pump, which under can fit a jerry can of water. A 4 kg gas bottle sits next to it, which would ideally run a junior lido marine stove, which fits on top.

This modular kitchen would also be suitable to put into vans, horsefloats etc. for vans we could make it from ply, or whiteboard type material for a different finish. Rgds Luke



Beechy (mark) is our manager for all the 4wd drawers.. he handles all our enquiries, and all the construction and fitting. Much of our work is slightly custom made, or some majorly so. It’s amazing how many different sets / combinations of drawers we build each week.. there is pretty much nothing Beechy can’t work out for you, if you want something custom made… i’ve been extremely lucky to find Beechy, who is as passionate about our Drifta products as i am.. so, any enquires, questions etc, just send him and e-mail, or give him a call… thanks for your time, rgds luke

Contact-Mark EMAIL:
PHONE: (02) 6558 2328 (BH)
7 Lowe St Gloucester NSW 2422


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