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Van fit outs are becoming more and more popular here at Drifta – whether you’re looking for a…

  • 12V INSTALLATION (aux battery / lights / inverter / 240V charger input)

….then Drifta can help.

All the van fit outs we do are custom made so we can build whatever you need…whether its basic drawers through to in built kitchens/storage and custom work – we can work closely with you to come up with a solution that is functional and is within your budget. Plus we have a full time Autolec taking care of any 12V work you need doing.

We have measurements of all the popular vans so organizing the build is mostly quite straight forward. Once built we can install it here at Drifta HQ, or can deliver to you – no matter how far away you may be.


Email me (Mark – ) with what van you have, some details of what you need – maybe even a sketch, install/delivery, and any other relevant info I might need. Then I’ll get back to you with some options and prices based on your requirements.


Below are some examples of vans we have fitted out…what we do is not limited to what is shown here, but these are some popular layouts and features which  work well so worth scrolling through the information to help you work out the layout that will suit you. There’s quite a few examples here so worth scrolling right through to the bottom to make sure you don’t miss anything!

EXAMPLE #1  –  A good all round fit out we do a lot is 2 rear drawers and one side drawer (can have 2 side drawers also). Works really well for any style/model of van and is a good cost effective way to get good easy access storage drawers with a solid top above for larger items – or even a bed! Add the Drifta slide out table whether you’re using the van for work or weekends away…and you’ll be the envy of all your mates! The table can be used half slid out as a bench, or removed completely and set up as a standalone table with the legs attached to the bottom of it.

EXAMPLE #2  –  Here’s a SWB VW T5 van. The customer wanted stepped drawers so he could fit long tool like shovels, etc in the one drawer….so the rear RHS drawer is longer. Two drawers out the side, two drawers with a table out the rear, side wings all round – all fitted out here at Drifta.

EXAMPLE #3  –  This is a Toyota Lightace van…fitted out with a single side drawer plus two drawers with a table out the rear. The table has a hole, so you can fit a hand pump like shown. So with a plastic tub and single burner stove it’s pretty much a kitchen! Also an ‘insert drawer’ in the large rear drawer for cutlery – this is the perfect basic fit out for a van. Very economical, lightweight and perfect to put a mattress on top – while still being able to access a huge storage area underneath.

EXAMPLE #4  –  This is a more customized set-up in a hi top Hiace. A narrow single drawer with a hinged bed extension (drops down to make a nice wide walk way), nice large wall shelf unit…and then up the front a built in kitchen with bar fridge. Fully self contained so on a rainy day you can stay indoors….or when its nice you can put the cooker outside on the drop down bench.

EXAMPLE #5  –  Another kitchen option is to use one of Drifta’s PULL OUT kitchens…so you keep the cooking outside. Can be side or rear access, and you would normally have a kitchen, one or 2 drawers and a slide out table – then floor / bed on top of the lot! The most popular kitchen to use is the DPO (quick and easy to set-up) but any style of kitchen can be used (see “Trailer Kitchens” in products). Here’s just a few random snaps of some different ways to set-up the kitchen.

These next few photo’s show a van with a bench seat in the back – we built the unit to fit up to the bench seat so passengers could be carried…and then when the back of the seat folded flat it becomes a full sized double bed as we built it all the same height….

EXAMPLE #6  –  Here’s a unit which includes one of Drifta’s DPO kitchens. I always recommend to use the DPO style of kitchen as it sets up easiest…which is what you need with a van as the kitchen can often come in/out many times in a day. So you have the kitchen + storage drawer + slide out table out the rear…then a drawer (or even 2) out the side door. This system works well in any van…and if you like the convenience of a kitchen when on the road – this is the system for you! I can also put a second set of legs under the kitchen so you can set it up free standing away from the van. We fully lined walls/roof of this van, plus we installed a full 12V dual battery system including LED lights.

EXAMPLE #7  –  Van surf board storage we can easily take care of…the most popular solution is to build in a slot/space within the drawer unit that the boards can simply slide into – so the boards are safe from damage and also theft! You can then throw any other gear in the back and know there’s no risk of damage…or even a mattress. This unit has double rear drawers but I often make it with a single rear drawer…plus the table (recommended) and then one or 2 side door drawers!

EXAMPLE #8  –  This is a simple van fitout we did recently. 2 drawers coming out the rear, with side wings and lift out centre bed section. At the front is our standard pull out trailer kitchen, the DPO. It can pull out and be set up out the side door , under the awning.

EXAMPLE #9  –  Here’s a good custom fit out. In the side door there’s a fixed kitchen unit – you can cook inside plus there’s a drop down shelf so you can cook outside on a nice day, or if you have a side awning. Inside there’s a fridge mounted on a box with the dual battery and 12V gear stored directly underneath. Out the rear one large storage drawer RHS and on the LHS a storage unit with lift off hatch’s to access. You can see the setup has lift out central boards so you can turn the bed into a seat and have a walk through. Also..we made a wall mount shelf unit – this one has a drop down door which doubles as a workbench when open. This customer came to Drifta with some sketch’s and ideas…and this is what we come up with – completely customized design.

EXAMPLE #10  –  This is a neat system – 2 nice long storage drawers out the rear…then a small drawer opening forward (into the cab) – ideal for clothes, etc. At the front I made a side access drawer, plus a box to mount the fridge with storage below (ideal for battery). Mattress on top and you’re set for an easy weekend/week/year away! This fit out also has some great overhead side wall cupboards – all made here at Drifta!

EXAMPLE #11  –  This is a Mercedes Sprinter – BIG FIT OUT…with a total of 10 slide out drawers, so heaps of storage available! These guys had 2 beds in the back, and we could easily make some drop in panels to turn this quickly into a double, no worries. I also made some bed heads with some in built shelves…then at the front a heap more drawers, fridge storage and a couple of our slide out tables. We fit out more and more Mercedes Sprinters these days – they’re becoming a real familiar sight here at Drifta…but whatever van you have we can fit out, no worries!


So the examples above are just a selection of some jobs we have previously done. Below are some random pics showing some other ideas – we can pretty much build whatever layout you need so if you want something that you haven’t seen on here just email me some details

Cheers, Beechy….




Also will work for vans, as a modular kitchen


This is our new drifta boat kitchen. It is made from waterproof plastic, and marine grade stainless fittings. As you can see, it has a hand pump, which under can fit a jerry can of water. A 4 kg gas bottle sits next to it, which would ideally run a junior lido marine stove, which fits on top.

This modular kitchen would also be suitable to put into vans, horsefloats etc. for vans we could make it from ply, or whiteboard type material for a different finish. Rgds Luke



Beechy (mark) is our manager for all the 4wd drawers.. he handles all our enquiries, and all the construction and fitting. Much of our work is slightly custom made, or some majorly so. It’s amazing how many different sets / combinations of drawers we build each week.. there is pretty much nothing Beechy can’t work out for you, if you want something custom made… i’ve been extremely lucky to find Beechy, who is as passionate about our Drifta products as i am.. so, any enquires, questions etc, just send him and e-mail, or give him a call… thanks for your time, rgds luke

Contact-Mark EMAIL:
PHONE: (02) 6558 2328 (BH)
7 Lowe St Gloucester NSW 2422



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