300 SERIES TOYOTA – all models

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300 SERIES TOYOTA – all models

The all new 300 series Landcruiser is here, and Drifta is already fully equipped to build whatever customized system you need. We have had lots of 300 series through our workshop already and have noted all the measurements and features needed to create a perfectly fitting system for this vehicle.

The 300 series is available in several different models – as far as drawer system design is concerned all we need to know is whether you have the 5 seater or the 7 seater (with 3rd row seats removed). Both model vehicles will require a Drifta floor plate to be installed (bolts to existing holes in the vehicle) and then the drawer unit mounts on top of that – but the design of the floor plate varies between the 5 seater and 7 seater model.

As for the design of the storage unit on top of the floor plate – we have lots of options (of course!). Below are some links showing our different custom designs that we offer…and some comments about each one that are relevant to the 300 series. These designs are most popular – all tried and tested by our many thousands of customers all over Australia (and the world) and get a big tick of approval. If you have your own ideas then that’s fine too – contact our drawers sales team…send them a sketch and they will work through any plans with you.

Wagon 1 2 Drawers Slide Out Table Bench10


Our original drawer system! 2 large storage drawers + the slide out/removeable table. Lots of storage and the table is a ripper piece of gear. It is possible to fit a fridge (on a fridge slide) on top of this unit – but there are some limitations as to what fridge will fit dues to the door opening height and also the lift up tailgate on the 300 series.


Drifta’s classic design – 2 storage drawers + slide out table. This unit also has the added option of the flush/built in fridge slide (slide is an option).

The slide out table is a winner! Can be used half slid out as a workbench out the back of your Cruiser, or removes and set up free standing on the ground.

Drifta’s built in fridge slide (DSS) works great – easy slide out fridge, plus then when the fridge is removed you have a fully flat top above the drawers. Also shown here is one of our removeable fridge dividers to keep gear off your fridge. NOTE the DSS and divider are optional.

We also offer 12v installs. Here we have recessed the forward end of the unit to fit in a lithium battery + dual compressor. Neatly out of sight, but also easy to access.

We include remote access from the rear of the vehicle to the compressor connection and 12v display. This is a ripper of a system!

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Wagon #2 – Drawer / Fridge Package


Single storage drawer + slide out/removable table with the fridge down low. Allows for almost any sized fridge, plus has lots of options accessories…

  • Removeable surround/box to protect the fridge and allow you to load more gear in the back.
  • Drop in panel so that when the fridge is out you can create a completely flat space in the back above the drawer/table/fridge slide.
  • Bolt on box – used in conjunction with the drop in panel this box turns the fridge slide into a drawer – great way to make your Drifta system more versatile.
  • Many more – check the link or contact our drawers sales team.

Drifta’s W#2 system keeps the fridge down low for easy access, plus Drifta’s DSS fridge slide brings the fridge out to you.

The “low profile drawer” below the fridge is optional so the fridge can be lower than shown here in these photo’s if needed. The drawer next to the fridge offers good storage space.

Drifta’s slide out table is a great feature – doubles up as a workbench out the back of the vehicle or sets up free standing on the ground.

The side wings above the wheel arch’s are removeable so lots of storage in there. We also offer 12v work here at Drifta – we’re a one stop shop!

Here we have recessed the forward end of the unit to fit in a lithium battery + dual compressor. Neatly out of sight, but also easy to access.

Wagon 3 Dcbc Kitchen Freestanding Drawer Table01

WAGON #3 (DCBC) – KITCHEN (freestanding) + DRAWER + TABLE

The trusted kitchen combo unit – has a storage drawer, slide out/removeable table plus one of our famous Drifta kitchens. With this system the kitchen is removeable so can be set up anywhere around your camp. Standard kitchen is the SD-DCB model, but is can be upgraded to other models that we offer. Shown here as a side by side – this system can also be build with the kitchen/table/drawer stacked up the one side so you have a fridge box on the other side.

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Wagon 4 Kitchen On Runners No Legs Lifting Drawer Table01

WAGON #4 – KITCHEN (on runners, no legs/lifting) + DRAWER + TABLE

This is a kitchen system similar to the #3 above, but with this design the kitchen slides out on ball bearing runners so super easy to set up. Being on runners this kitchen is non removable from the vehicle, but the runners really do make it a very easy set-up of the kitchen that anyone can do (no lifting required).

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Becoming more and more popular in all 4WD’s – the BAR FRIDGE SYSTEM – bar fridge, 2 (stacked) drawers + slide out/removeable table. A bar fridge is super easy to access as you only have to open the door and you’re in (no sliding out of the fridge like you do with a chest fridge). Plus no slide means you are saving on weight and cost. This design works really well in the 300 series due to the limited door opening height and tailgate. Drifta have a range of bar fridges we supply also – one stop shop!

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Wagon #6 - Vertical Drawers + Fridge Box


Chest fridge on slide + 2 drawers (stacked) and the slide out/removeable table. We build this system to suit whatever fridge you have – mostly include our Drifta slide system for the fridge – and we also stock a range of fridges if you haven’t got one yet. Again the fridge is low – which works well in the 300 series.

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Drawer fridge system…single storage drawer, slide out/removable table plus a nifty little drawer fridge! The drawer fridges are available in 30L and 40L capacities – they are not the biggest fridge but having it built in below a nice flat deck…plus still get a decent storage drawer and table is a pretty neat idea. Allows lots of other storage above the unit…very popular.

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CARGO BARRIER – 300 series

The 300 series cargo barrier offered by Drifta is designed to keep whats in the back of the vehicle – in the back! Fully rated and easy to install – fixes into existing mounting points within the vehicle.

12v 01


We fully specialise in installing all 12v power systems and accessories. Whatever you need we can provide :) We have some standard packages but can customize these if needed. Getting your 12v power system installed at the same time as your drawer unit is ideal – in the 300 series we position the auxiliary battery in the back so it will be accommodated within your drawer system. Lithium batteries, solar panels, more – whether you only need a basic system to run the fridge / couple of lights….or a fully integrated system to run your coffee machine and/or induction cooking….we can advise the best way to set it all up and then get the job done for you.

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Below are a few pics of us installing a 300 series here in our workshop. This unit was a drawer fridge system (W#7) in the back of a VX 7 seater (customer removed the 3rd row seats). These photo’s show the floor plate design we use, plus the finished look of a unit in the back of the 300 series (this particular unit measured 360H external). A 5 seat model would look pretty much the same once the units are installed.

Cargo Barrier
Drifta now supply a full height cargo barrier for all model 300 series.
Shown here is the 5 seat model with barrier and Drifta floor plate. The 7 seat model looks much the same.
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Water Tanks

Drawer Accessories

We have a great selection of accessories to go with our 4WD Drawers – fridge slides / sliding top, tie down points, water tanks, cargo barriers, aluminium edging, insert drawers, swap drawers, lock box, bed extension and more…..

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Screen Shot 2022 04 25 At 2.15.23 Pm

10% discount on DRIFTA STOCKTON gear!

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Mark Beech (Beechy) manages all vehicle fit outs at Drifta. He has many years experience and knows most vehicles very well so can offer you lots of advice and tips on what system could work best for you. Most of our standard vehicle systems can be bought online through our “ORDER NOW” function, and Beechy checks through all orders to make sure they will fit/work as needed. Anything more customized, or any questions – please contact Beechy and the drawer sales team – there is nothing they can’t help you out with! Thanks for looking……



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