This is our new DSB/FD BL/ST – Drifta Storage Box with Front Drawers in Black/Stainless .. these are getting really popular now. It’s our standard storage box, but with drawers in the front section. For this tailgate kitchen version, the box would be about 1600 long, so the front drawers would be about 450 mm deep. Again, with many steel tailgate kitchens, there is very little storage space. So this will really help out, one drawer for pots/pans etc, one for food, and the rear of the box for storage of camping gear. Also, you can slide the box out 400 mm, and the top of the drawers in laminated, so this also gives you additional bench space! Wow, what a setup.. :) I have two of these boxes in stock, they would suit a 1200 x 2100 trailer, with a tailgate kitchen. price on these will be retail $650 each, these two I can do for $590 each..they are brand new.. like all our kitchens/ storage boxes, they slide on the black plastic skids on the base, which slide on the floor of your trailer.. so there is really no fitting.. open your tailgate and slide it in.. a ‘paka’ provided will keep it in place.. any questions send me an e-mail.. ta luke


Just send me an e-mail, (click photo below) .. i need to know, if the hinges on your tailgate are on the drivers side (RHS) or passenger side (LHS). We make the kitchen to suit either left or right.. also, the kitchen is 425 high, so you need at least 430 mm clear opening height. If you have less than this, just give me the height, and we can cut the kitchen down to suit.. no charge for this.. (space is taken from the bottom).

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PHONE: (02) 6558 2328 (BH)
7 Lowe St Gloucester NSW 2422


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