Here is the DPO package deal. You get the DPO (Drifta Pull Out) kitchen, the SDSB (Small Drifta Storage Box), and the DSB (Drifta Storage Box). The top of the camper has been lifted up so you can see it all in place.

Once you open the tailgate, or drop it down, you can see the DSB and the SDSB. You’d lift out the SDSB first, to access the kitchen. See how it neatly fills the space in the trailer. You can’t do this with plastic tubs.

DPO PD comes with:

  • Kitchen – three drawers, hand pump and plastic sink, one leg ($60 for second rear leg, often not needed) laminated top surfaces, basically as shown above.
  • Storage box has one set of legs, fully bootlined, one divider.
  • Both the kitchen and storage box have fitted plastic skids. You don’t need to do anything to your trailer.
  • Note . this can be made as a RHS kitchen, (drivers side) like shown, or reversed to a LHS kitchen(passenger side) .

Extras you might like:

  • Extra plastic tub, add $5
  • 3 burner companion stove, add $75
  • Heavy duty non slip matting for under stove, add $10
  • Extra divider for storage box, add $30.
  • 1200 x 600 drifta table $200
  • 900 x 600 drifta table $180


Creeky is our manager for the kitchen department. He can look after you with any kitchen enquiries or orders.

EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: (02) 6558 2328






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