DPOR Black Stainless Package Deal $2050

Dpor Package Deal Black Stainless13
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  • Three piece package
  • Can build RHS, opposite to shown.
  • Can custom build to suit your trailer.

So this is the DPOR – Drifta Pull Out with Return, the storage box, and the tucker box, all in our black stainless look. (stained black, then coated with clear top coat varnish, and brushed aluminium laminate on the front surfaces.. ) so we can build this to suit your trailer, just need width, length and height, and then left hand side (shown) or right hand side.. depends on how your tailgate and tent is configured.. this DPOR package deal setup will basically fit any standard soft floor camper.. no installation needed really, just slides in. there is a packer that comes with the set, a 40 x 40 x 2000 mm piece of timber, that can screw to the floor of the trailer, to keep them separated, and to keep the storage box in position when the kitchen is out.

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