Drifta Bed Side Table $175


The new drifta bedside table, fits pretty much any camper, sets up over the end of the mattress, for a great storage area. 1600 x 300 wide, 60 mm high when folded, can be set up from 300 to 500 mm high… legs fold up underneath.. fully carpeted…

How good is this.. a neat, carpet lined shelf, that works like a table.. the legs fold down, are adjustable in height, and can sit over the end of your bed. One problem with campers, is there is a huge inside area, but no-where to put things.. no shelves/ cupboards etc. This setup gives you a really handy shelf, perfect for all sorts of things, like keys, wallet, phone, books, laptop. It folds down flat like a table, and can store on top of your bed. Once the camper is set up, just fold down the legs, and put it where you like..

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