Drifta Pull Out Budget kitchen $950

SIZE  415 mm high, 1685 long, 460 deep, 19 kgs..

INCLUDES  one drawer, pull out sink, hand pump, 450 mm folding bench space, space for 3 burner stove, cupboard area, one set of legs. (extra set of legs, to make freestanding add $50..), plastic runner system. Can have 2nd drawer, add $25, can’t have third drawer.. (because of stay to hold front down)

FEATURES  loads of storage space and bench space. all top surfaces laminated.. plastic runners connected to kitchen, slides easily in and out. This will hold all your cooking gear.. 1 x light easy to use drawer is a luxury when camping..

the DPOB kitchen is a pull out kitchen, and the same as the DPO, just without the lid over the stove, and only one drawer. (can have two) .. if you are on a bit of a budget, then this does pretty much everything a DPO will do… Very simple to set up, this is a beautiful camping kitchen. Designed, and still made here in Australia, in our Gloucester NSW factory, you’ll be proud to own a Drifta DPOB..


This kitchen is shown as a RHS. we make to suit opposite, LHS. Also we can make slight changes easily, ask if you need something modified..


Creeky is our manager for the kitchen department. He can look after you with any kitchen enquiries or orders.

EMAIL: creeky@drifta.com.au
PHONE: (02) 6558 2328

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