Drifta Small Travel Kitchen. From $350.

Stkl1 1024x1024

The Drifta Small Travel Kitchen is a great little portable camping box. You can store a stove, plates and cups, and food inside and it is easy to clean with laminated tops, it is ideal to sit on a picnic table for lunch stops. We are able to make this kitchen in a clear finish, a black lacquered finish, and a black and bootlined finish. And we can make any of those with a lid or without a lid! (lid is a great little addition!!)

550mm wide (left to right) x 450 high (top to bottom without lid and 485mm with lid) x 460 deep (front to back). All are 13 kgs.


Creeky is our manager for the kitchen department. He can look after you with any kitchen enquiries or orders.

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