The DSB is designed to sit alongside the pull out kitchens. It slides very easily on the simple polyethylene skids. It comes with one set of Drifta legs, so it can be pulled right out for easy access to gear. It now also comes bootlined ( like a thin marine carpet, the same as they use on the draw systems ).


  • Height: 430 mm
  • Length: 1500 to 2100 mm
  • Width: 650 to 700 mm
  • Weight: 15 kgs

SETTING UP THE DSB – Drifta Storage Box

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We’re doing a lot of these DPO or DPOR and DSB combinations now, and it really is a great way to set up your trailer. Accessing easily the storage area in your trailer is always a bit of a problem, and these units make it really easy. Some people think that they would take up too much room, but not at all, because the kitchen and storage box are all storage themselves. This system saves crawling into the trailer to get anything, or having to always lift up the bedbase.

Fits along side a pull out kitchen, either a DPOR or DPO.

Theres no fitting involved, it the skids protect the kitchen/storage box from the sides of the trailer and each other. So its just a matter of getting an accurate measurement of your trailer width, and it will be custom built to fit perfectly. See setting up page for more info.


This is a small “lockable drawer” in the front bottom section of the storage box..a lady asked me to make her one recently, and I think it’s a great idea…she wanted somewhere to lock things up when they went to the beach… this drawer has a flush fitting stainless steel lockable latch, and is about 100 mm high internal.. this space is perfect for phone, keys, wallet, camera, ipad etc… inside the box, you’ll hardly even notice the space it takes up. the divider can sit up against the end of the drawer like shown.. you could also have an extra divider if needed… this “lock drawer” would add $100 to the cost of a storage box, or a package deal….


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