Drifta Swing Out Black Stainless $860


SIZE 425 mm high, 1050 long, 490 deep, 26 kgs..

INCLUDES stainless laminated fronts, black stained ply, THREE drawers, pull out sink, hand pump (new handpumps, won’t leak), 800 mm folding bench space, lower shelf, space for 3 burner stove.

FEATURES new modern stainless look! all the advantages of a ply kitchen, without the disadvantages of a stainless kitchen. lots of storage space, lots of workable bench area, all laminated. Very light. Skids underneath to support when travelling. This will hold all your cooking gear.. light easy to use drawers are a luxury when camping..

SUPPORT aussie manufacturing, and our economy, not the chinese economy. Just four or five of these kitchens a week employs one young aussie apprentice. This drifta swing out kitchen is much larger, more functional and much cheaper than the imported chinese equivalent..

PLEASE NOTE.. the ‘black stainless’ look kitchens, are still made from ply, exactly the same as the ‘timber look’ kitchens, the ONLY difference, is we black stain the ply, and put a ‘stainless laminate’ on the fronts, to give it a different look/finish… so really it’s still the same kitchen, it’s just the finish… ta luke

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