My Uncle Rob from Brisbane was camping with us at xmas, and he had a box like this, for pegs and ropes etc…thought it is such a handy box, we might make some.. yeah now that we have made them, I really love it, it’s a box that has a hundred uses.. I’ve tried to make it simple, so I can keep the price down, and for that reason we are going to be selling them raw timber (or lacquered as an option.) They are sanded, but you can paint them up yourself. Be a great job for the kids. There is some plastic strips on the base, rope handles, and a Tourneau strap. The size is 350 long, 300 mm wide and 270 mm high..

If you needed a box a certain size, then let us know and we can make one custom size… (be clear to give us height, width and length, and clarify if that is an internal or external measurement you want )

  • $75 raw timber ($140 for two)
  • $95 lacquered ($180 for two)


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