The Van Back Kitchen is a very handy unit from our car back range of camping kitchens. It has all 3 of the drawers accessible from the front side, giving it an ease of use when leaving one end in a vehicle. It can be made either in the configuration pictured or in a reversed layout to be accessed from the other side if wanted. Fully adjustable legs, fold over laminated lid and kitchen top, ample storage in the drawers – an extremely versatile camping kitchen! 


This is our Drifta Van Back kitchen. It is designed for vans, which have a much lower height than a 4WD. Here it can be pulled out and one end is still resting on the end of the van. ( as opposed to 4WD’s, which are much higher, hence the DCB has to be free standing. ) Although the DVB can still be set up free standing also. The only difference really is that the lid is hinged from the other side, and the drawers all pull out from the side. This is a modified version of the Drifta Car Back.


  • Height: 290mm
  • Length: 900 mm
  • Depth: 480 mm
  • Weight: 19 kgs


Creeky is our manager for the kitchen department. He can look after you with any kitchen enquiries or orders.

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