Extra Accessories For The Firepits


Canvas bag FOR LARGE FIRE PIT $62
(also for med and small firepit)


Heavy duty fire tongs $59


Large Base plate stand $49

Stainless steel mesh $30


Canvas fire wood bag $49 (650 mm x 1000 mm)


FULL DEEP HOTPLATE $69 (only available for the large firepit)

this is a full steel hotplate, that fits in the top of the ‘grill bridge’… some people prefer a hotplate to the ‘grill net’…it’s 40 mm deep, and is made from black steel, so the finish will wear off. Just treat it like steel/cast iron, same as your hotplate on your barby at home.. give it a clean and a light oil after use. So this FULL HOTPLATE is $65… if you want this as part of a kit, then we’d leave out the grill net (worth $40) and add $25 to the price. Or if you want both, yeah add $60 to the total…


HALF NET $49, HALF HOTPLATE $49 (only available for the large firepit)

this is a nice combo, so half grill net, and half deep hotplate. I’ve been using this setup myself, and yeah you can cook anything on this. it’s still handy to have the full grill, say if you want to cook half a dozen steaks, or a decent size fish wrapped in foil, but this half and half setup gives you a lot of flexibility.. (keep in mind, a steel frypan, like the one in the snow peak cookset, will do a similar job to the half hotplate, if placed on top of the full grill net)


Grill bridge from $55 (available for the large and medium firepit)

(large and medium firepits) this ‘bridge’ fits on the top of the firepit, giving you a platform to hold the grill net/ grill plates etc.. you can see in the photo top left, that it can be lowered to give heat adjustment.. (when the coals die down, you can lower this bridge down, to finish off your cooking)

See how the grill nets fits nicely inside the bridge.. when packed up, the net can stay within the bridge, for space saving.. the net is perfect for grilling all food, and as a base to put a frypan/ billie… (best to take the net off, if not using it, but the bridge can stay on) the bridge, and the grill net, come included with the firepit kit, and also the combo…


At this stage, we don’t have an online shopping cart, it’s pretty complicated and expensive. ($10k plus) I might be a bit old fashioned :) , but i’m not a big fan of the ‘click buy it now’ websites.. i like to have contact with our customers, and i think it’s nice in this day and age, if our customers can have contact with me, particularly if they need some advice or help with the products…’click buy it now’ seems a bit pushy and impersonal to me.. hopefully ‘good old fashioned customer service’ isn’t becoming old fashioned :) anyway, if you don’t mind, just simply click the photo of me, which will send me an e-mail, and let me know what you would like, or if you have any questions. You can easily cut and paste what you want, to make it easier. Or call with your order (see payment) is often best.

Contact-Luke EMAIL: luke@drifta.com.au
PHONE: (02) 6558 2328 (BH)
7 Lowe St Gloucester NSW 2422
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Check out our FREIGHT PAGE for freight charges HERE


Easiest thing to do, is to call with the order, and pay with visa card over the phone.. orders like this if made in the morning, can mostly get despatched same day. Or we can e-mail you an invoice, with bank details, and you can direct deposit. Once $$ show up, we can send straight away. (if ordering snow peak products with a drifta product, that we are sending out, like a kitchen or drawers, then yeah direct deposit is best. Freight for snow peak would then be free, as it’s going with drifta stuff.



Because snow peak is all made in japan, it’s bought with the US dollar.. so our prices are unfortunately directly linked to this.. we had a good run for a while, but now the AUS$ has dropped over 15% (now sept2012), we have had to raise some prices 10 %.. this still puts us at a minimum commercial margin, so any drop in the dollar from now on, will mean a corresponding rise in the price. (If the dollar goes back up, prices will definitely drop) so i suppose if you are thinking of purchasing, get in while you can, or you can leave a small deposit, and i can put stock aside for you, which will hold the price. Drifta also subsidises snow peak a lot, many costs are absorbed by drifta, if we sold only snow peak, the prices would be higher again. Also I’m getting 4 shipments a year, i get more and more firepits each time, but sell out in 2 months. this latest order 200 firepits, and i’ll be sold out by end nov. So yeah prices of snow peak are not cheap, i would love to sell it cheaper, but simply can’t.. but it’s superb quality, and i always say, for example the firepits, you’ll get your money’s worth on the first night you use it :) luke