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Here’s another great option for your Drifta drawers – a fridge that’s built in and slides out just like a drawer! So you get one storage drawer plus Drifta’s unique slide out table (optional)…and a fridge drawer. This can be fitted to pretty much any 4wd / canopy / vehicle and is a good option when you need to maximize space on top of the system, but also need to keep things chilled.

There are different brand and different capacity fridges available – so whatever vehicle you have this style system should be able to work. Depending on what vehicle you have and fridge choice there is often space in front of the fridge of ran auxiliary battery, or just extra storage…maybe even a water tank (availability depends on what vehicle and what fridge, of course).

The drawers sale team here at Drifta can discuss options with you…so contact us for info and assistance of you need…  [email protected]


  • Custom built unit to the exact LxW need to fit your vehicle
  • Unit height to suit a 30L drawer fridge (40L requires extra height which adds some cost to the unit – but you get a bigger storage drawer :)
  • Slide out storage drawer + open space for fridge + rear box/hatch behind the fridge (where space is available)
  • Side wing KIT (covers wheel arch’s – needs to be cut to shape)
  • A top quality Aussie made product!


  • Drifta normally supply the drawer fridge for your order – prices vary pending what fridge
  • Increase unit height to suit 40L drawer fridge (plus get bigger storage drawer)
  • Drifta’s slide out table / bench
  • Some vehicles may require a floor panel to secure the drawers….or a special installation kit (pending what vehicle)

For more details contact Drifta with the following information…. [email protected]

  • What vehicle / year model truck?
  • Does it have a cargo barrier installed already?
  • Which side you want the fridge positioned (drivers or passengers)?
  • Where are you located (install here (Gloucester), or delivery to you)?

NOTE – the units shown in photo’s below are reference only as they are vehicle specific – for every vehicle the units vary slightly, plus some accessories are optional so whats shown below is as a guide only.

30L drawer fridge option (unit height minimum 280mm)
We supply both the Engel and Waeco/Dometic 30L drawer fridges. Both fridges are very similar in design and price – and being nice compact units means this fridge will fit into any sized vehicle drawer system (as well as larger vehicles, of course). The smaller fridge means the storage drawer and any other accessible storage are larger, and the optional slide out table (really it’s a must!) makes this combination ideal for anything from days trips to the avid traveller.

40L drawer fridge option (unit height minimum 360mm)
The 40L drawer fridge we supply is made by Evakool – the fridge is great when you need that bit more space for your chilled items :) The fridge is larger all round but its still not massive so it still fits in most vehicle drawer systems. If using the Evakool 40L drawer fridge there is an extra charge for the extra unit height of the actual drawer system…but you get a taller storage drawer too so its all extra space.

Why not build the fridge into something more custom….
Here’s a few photo’s which might spark some ideas of your own custom design – we can build the drawer fridge into any design system (we love custom work at Drifta!). Here’s just a few examples of previous builds…


Please contact our drawers sales team if you are interested in building in a drawer fridge – maybe one of these designs or maybe something you design up yourself to suit you…   [email protected]

Water Tanks

Drawer Accessories

We have a great selection of accessories to go with our 4WD Drawers – fridge slides / sliding top, tie down points, water tanks, cargo barriers, aluminium edging, insert drawers, swap drawers, lock box, bed extension and more…..

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Whatever 12V work you need doing there’s no job too big or small for our autolec team at Drifta! We specialize in wiring up 4wd’s and vans to suit the camping and 4wd industry – so we can advise you on what you need and what will work best for you.

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Mark Beech (Beechy) manages all vehicle fit outs at Drifta. He has many years experience and knows most vehicles very well so can offer you lots of advice and tips on what system could work best for you. Most of our standard vehicle systems can be bought online through our “ORDER NOW” function, and Beechy checks through all orders to make sure they will fit/work as needed. Anything more customized, or any questions – please contact Beechy and the drawer sales team – there is nothing they can’t help you out with! Thanks for looking……



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