ENGEL drawer fridge now available – contact for more info!

Here’s a new option for your Drifta drawers – a fridge that’s built in and slides out just like a drawer! So you get one storage drawer plus Drifta’s unique slide out table (optional)…and a fridge drawer. This can be fitted to pretty much any 4wd and is a good option when you need to maximize space on top of the system, but also need to keep things chilled.

There are different fridges available….Waeco and Evakool currently make their own drawer fridges. Depending on what vehicle you have will depict which fridge fits best as they are all different sizes.

With most vehicles we should be able to create a space in front of the fridge – this would be ideal for the auxiliary battery, or even a water tank (availability depends on what vehicle and what fridge, of course).

If you’re interested in this option then contact me (Beechy) for more details and prices… [email protected]

Waeco CD30

The Waeco CD30 is a great little fridge – this will fit most vehicles as its on the smaller size…even the FJ Cruiser (shown in photo’s) and the Jeep Wrangler. Plus any larger vehicles (wagons, dual cabs, vans, etc..). The overall unit height to fit this fridge needs to be 280mm minimum.


The Evakool is a larger unit as it has the larger 40L capacity. This fridge is better in a dual cab, van or larger 4wd wagon as it needs more space to fit it in. The overall unit height to fit this fridge needs to be 360mm minimum.
NOTE – this fridge comes with a tray to make it easily removable, but we normally leave that off as using the tray means the fridge takes up more space + unit height needs to be 420mm (too high!).

Water Tanks

Drawer Accessories

We have a great selection of accessories to go with our 4WD Drawers – fridge slides / sliding top, tie down points, water tanks, cargo barriers, aluminium edging, insert drawers, swap drawers, lock box, bed extension and more…..

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Mark Beech (Beechy) manages all vehicle fit outs at Drifta. He has many years experience and knows most vehicles very well so can offer you lots of advice and tips on what system could work best for you. Most of our standard vehicle systems can be bought online through our “ORDER NOW” function, and Beechy checks through all orders to make sure they will fit/work as needed. Anything more customized, or any questions – please contact Beechy and the drawer sales team – there is nothing they can’t help you out with! Thanks for looking……

Contact-Mark EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: (02) 6558 2328 (BH)
7 Lowe St Gloucester NSW 2422


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