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Drifta Toilet Kit $390 Add to cart
includes: Toilet; Pk 10 Collection bags, Pk 10 Disposal Bags, Large Cleanwaste Poo Powder (120 Use), Drifta Canvas Toilet Bag & Med Tote Bag
(kit price save $30)

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The Drifta toilet kit includes all you need. The set up is simple. Fold up the 3 legs insert the collection bag and do your thing. After you are done put some poo powder on the top. This will keep the smell away and you can keep using it or you take the collection bag out and use the waste toilet bag to store it away until you can put it into the garbage bin somewhere. The Drifta medium tote bag will carry all you plastic bags and poo powder.

The blue collection bag is first used, then when ready, use the grey disposal bag, which is a tough non transparent zip lock bag, which can easily be disposed of.. easy to buy more collection and disposal bags.

Many camp places, bush camps, are now stipulating that you must bring a portable toilet to be able to camp. Whether you use it or not is up to you, depending on where you are, but without one you just are not allowed to camp.. if you take a portable toilet, these are large and bulky, and not easy to bring with you in many cases. The advantage of this toilet, is that it folds small, is very hygenic (no digging holes etc) and with the double bag system, is easy to dispose of.. the powder turns everything to crystals really, so no smell, and can be used more than once, depending on how much powder you use.. so it’s easy packable alternative, that is a good all round solution.. also, portable toilets, are quiet difficult to empty.. they must be emptied in an appropriate place, it’s possibly but not popular to empty in public toilets, not sure if that’s legal or not, so yeah that’s an issue, and they fill up quick.. other types of fold open toilets are small and easy, but digging holes is also not popular unless you are totally remote, or private property, so the best feature of this type of portable toilet is the powder and bag system, which makes it very easy to dispose, in any garbage bin, with the double bag system..

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