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Hi Drifta Customers : ) Luke just some updates on canvas production.. we have increased our production output each month now for the last 12 months, and now have 16 ladies sewing turning out over 4000 bags a month, which Is awesome, but we still not quiet keeping up : )  our canvas range has been booming last few months, and that’s created some supply issues.. we are doing everything we can to keep up, but because of our huge range of over 275 bags and many colour and custom options, we just are not able to keep stock of all bags, atm there is about a 5-7 day wait for an average order of DRIFTA canvas products.. some smaller orders will be able to be dispatched quicker, and some larger orders might take a few more days, but allow an average of 5-7 days for a canvas order to be shipped, so please put your order in early if you are going away.. we are doing everything we can to keep up, but there are limitations on how much we can produce, particularly with many new products appearing on our cart.. appreciate your patience, thank you : ) L   ps, we’ll update you if this timeframe changes : )

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