rightio.. here’s Ross, showing how to open up the rapid wing awning.. this is how to do it by yourself.. I find it much easier on my own.. once people start helping, it becomes a mess.. but if , say you have a crook shoulder, or need some help, then still use this method, but have someone stand with you, to hold things as you go around..


SECURING THE AWNING   This awning is like a big sail.. simple as that.. it will blow up and over your truck, if not tied down properly.. I have a dint in my bonnet, from this.. (from the tent pole flying over the top) this was with my first rapid wing awning, and I realised you need the large sand stakes.. so, if you are going anywhere near the beach, make sure you get some, and use them.. wind gusts at the beach can sometimes happen suddenly..  the orange sand stakes we sell are really the only ones any good.. also, if you are on hard ground, and you can’t get a good peg in, then it’s the same, it won’t be secure in wind gusts.. that’s why we offer the 30 cm snow peak stakes, they are a perfect length, and won’t bend in any ground.. so, I’d recommend getting our sand/ stake kit, otherwise, you could end up with a dint in your bonnet..


SPARE BRACKETS If the wing does blow over, it will break one or two of the plastic brackets, that connect the spreader bars to the hinge assembly.. these are easy to replace, but if you don’t have a spare, then it’s a real pain.. duct tape will help get you out of trouble, but if you have a spare bracket, then you can literally put it in with just a ring spanner.. so, I’d also recommend getting two of these brackets.. we sell 30 awnings a month, and lately been selling about one set of brackets a week, after someone has broken them.. so, best to get them upfront..  https://www.drifta.com.au/spare-bracket-for-rapid-wing-awning/

VIDEOS I have done a couple of video’s, that shows how to open and close the wing, so watch those also if you haven’t already.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csrfZgd_evQ   (or search ‘Drifta camping and 4wd’ , the best video is ‘drifta camping setup part 1’ ..

So yeah, that’s all I can think of.. also see the fold up instructions, and if you are not sure of anything, send me an email… : ) ta luke