rightio.. here’s Ross, showing how to close up the rapid wing awning.. this is how to do it by yourself.. I find it much easier on my own.. once people start helping, it becomes a mess.. but if , say you have a crook shoulder, or need some help, then still use this method, but have someone stand with you, to hold things as you go around..


WET CANVAS  if the wing is wet, best to give it an air out, get it completely dry, before packing away again.. (when you get home) it’s Australian made 8 ounce canvas, so treat it like any canvas.. ideally, canvas should be treated by soaking fully with water, so the canvas threads will swell and fill sewing holes, although the first time you are in the rain, it will do this job for you.

All the parts are replaceable, so if you break something, just let us know.. I bent one of the poles one day, was at the brissy show, and a big fella fell against the pole, and bent it.. I couldn’t get it straight again properly, so yeah can just bolt a new one on.. the black bag is possible to get a few small holes in it, mostly mine is from driving thru scrub.. use a black gaffa tape, on the inside, is best to repair any small holes.. if it gets ripped, you could take it off, and send back to me, I can sew a patch onto it..

So yeah, that’s all I can think of.. also see the fold OUT instructions, and if you are not sure of anything, send me an email… : )  ta luke