Snow Peak Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any retailers for snow peak in Australia?
Are you doing any camping shows where i can see the snow peak range?


No, we import directly from Japan, and just sell ourselves direct from our factory.. if we had retailers around Australia, we would need to add about 40 % min to the price.. so while it may not be as convenient not being able to see it directly, it is saving you a lot of money.. I have done a lot of video’s to show the products best I can, and putting more up all the time.. if you have any questions, just let me know.. we also have a large showroom, with all the snow peak products, and generally have plenty of stock on hand, so you are welcome to drop in during business hours to have a look…


No, we aren’t doing any more shows unfortunately, the shows have had their day really, I went to over 250 shows in the last 14 years, but it’s not something we can keep doing, for a few reasons.. we have such a large range of products now, from the kitchens, to the drawers, to DOT campers, to our retail products, to the snow peak range. Logistically, it’s a huge task now to go to a show, and the site we need is also very big, and very expensive.. capital city shows would cost us about $15- $20 000 to attend.. so if I did brissy, melb, sydney, perth, adelaide shows, then that’s $100k I have to pay for, which would have to added to the prices of many of our products… so you are actually getting the products much cheaper by us not coming to the shows.. have a look at some of the well known camper trailer brands, how expensive they are , and this is one of the main reasons.. shows cost a fortune..

I need to take Beechy, Ross and myself to the shows, but we are also the main managers, looking after now 60 staff.. so with us away, for up to 7 days, it’s just too much to leave behind..

Also the main thing is just my time now.. Drifta has doubled in size in the last three years, I have created and marketed snow peak, canvas products, retail products and DOT campers, all in this time, and built two new factories.. I can’t work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, and doing the shows meant I was doing that.. it sounds funny, but we basically got too busy to do the show circuit..

So I understand many people like to look at the product, at the shows, but yeah I have done many video’s, to show the products as best as I can, and that seems to be working, as we are contstantly increasing our sales, and only just managing to keep up with the demand..

We also have a large showroom, showing all our gear, so if you get a chance to drop in , we can show you around.. ta luke