Here’s some of the testimonials we’ve received.

If you’d like to send pictures of your Drifta we can put them up too.

Hi Julie

Thanks for that, I’m really really happy with the product and service you guys have a great team of people up there and I’ll be highly recommending your products to others.

Thanks Craig

Hi Luke,

Short story long.

I ordered a extended aluminium spreader pole from your Drifta website.

I received that order today.

The reason why I am writing an email to you, is that, could you personally thank the people in your dispatch and packing department for me please. See, I am living in Nhulunbuy NT, East Arnhem Land and it’s sweet bugga all from civilisation, if you can call Darwin, 1300k’s away by road, a civilised place. Nearly 90% of the population of Nhulunbuy, buys their goods over the www, then hope that it will arrive, sometimes months later, in a reasonable condition. So the packaging on some goods I have received from down south, over that last 12 months was bloody disgraceful, plus, some of my goods were bashed about a bit..dinted and stuff.

I know this order from Drifta was “just“ one aluminium tent pole, but to receive it in good order and packaged really well, was “bloody great” and now I can go camping next weekend with the swag and a new spreader pole, that was’nt dinted, cracked or damaged in any way. As one Richie Benaud would say…”Bloody Marvellous”. It’s a pity some other Australian Outdoor companies, I have dealt with, do not do the same thing. They cut corners, use substandard packing, cheap couriers companies, then blame the couriers for the breakage and damage. Your blokes in packing and dispatch did a really good job..showing pride in the Drifta product and how it should be presented to your customers, either just next door or in my case, 3500k’s away.

I like that in a company…


Peter Graham
Nhulunbuy NT.

G’day Luke,

I know you are a very busy Man, I’d like to share a little if I may.

I’ve been buying gear from you mob for a while now, slowly replacing things, since some Rat stole all my camping gear from my 4×4 (another story for another day!).

I find the retail team terrific to deal with. I’m certain they deal with hundreds of people at a time and still they provide a warm and personal service. Or at the very least that is how they make me feel as a customer. This is all too rare in retail today and I really appreciate it.

In particular, Mark Garner deserves a mention here, a great helmsman for the retail team I reckon. Mark has more than once, had to deal with me ordering incorrect or mis-matching items. This bloke just takes it in his stride and sorts it out for me. This alone gives me great confidence when purchasing from Drifta. Simply put, You guys at Drifta are REAL and Sincere …. Actually maybe I should say ‘Un-Real’ !!

To finish my rave, Luke you have a great bunch of people at Team Drifta. Consequently, I’m working the word of mouth thing when it comes to Camping Gear and Drifta, sharing my experience whenever I can.

Thanks heaps.

Big Grins, farts & Whistles,

Bloke & Pooch.

Trevor + Tom Cameron

Hi Luke,

I met you in Gloucester and bought the Drifta fire pit combo and had a magic night with a campfire and cooking steaks on it. Absolutely brilliant. Possibly the best camping equipment I ever bought.

Saw your video where you went out on your boat recently and camped/cooked on the beach. You had a snow peak tarp which you had on tent poles.

Is that available for sale? Could you let me know the prices and sizes please?


Hi Drifta crew. Finally got away with all the new gear and it was fabulous. We asked quite a lot of the ol Luke the Drifta FirePit Combo but it handled it all. We are usually the ones that are asking to borrow this and that when we go camping with friends. This trip we had EVERYTHING!! Including the ol Kitchen Tap.

Thanks again.
Gaz & Shaz.

Ps. Are the long Blue Screws in Stock yet?

Just got home from a 9 day 4WD trip up through the Victorian high Country.

Great trip – but the highlight was the last night ….camped at the Trig on top of Blue Rag.
No shelter & very exposed…with temperatures dropping below 4C.
But fantastic views.

While some others were building a fire from 6 – 8 inch logs…..I had 2 2 inch “sticks”.
That was plenty to get the fire pit going & cook dinner,

Being on the wrong side of 50…the height of the fire pit is greatly appreciated too.
Its a “civilized” way to cook on the coals..!!

Photos are a bit reversed – here is some of the view.
Love your gear.


Robert Duncan
13 Gale St
Woodside SA

Subject: Re: Fire pit from Drifta

Hi Drifta – just to say the fire pit we bought from you has been really excellent. We are enjoying a two month trip from Adelaide to WA and find the convenience of the fire pit a great help. It has reduced the amount of wood we use, and the fact it leaves no sign where it has been is great for the environment. Very easy to put up and to clean.



Hi Luke and team,

Just a little positive feedback.

Having purchased a Snow Peak fire pit and all the goodies to go with it last year and quite a few canvas items recently I would like to compliment yourself and the team on great service. My orders have always arrived quickly and are very well packed. The fire pit is brilliant and the canvas products that you manufacture are excellent. Especially happy with the Oztent bag, makes packing the RV3 so much easier.

Thanks again,
Greg Rose.

Subject: Our snow peak

Dear Luke

We are coming to the end of our three month tour of outback Australia, currently at Appila Springs mid north SA.

We have used our medium fire pit every opportunity we have had, cooking, warming water, or just staring into it! It is a great size for our family of four. We have told everyone we meet where we purchased it, and the great service you gave posting it to a destination for us to collect while on the road.

Just finished this morning breakfast jaffels.

Just wanted to send you good feedback on being a happy customer.

Regards Aaron.

Hi Luke,

Just wanted to thank you and the team for getting my 2 orders out to me in super fast time….much appreciated.

I’ll be ordering more stuff soon!

Last order I got a Silky Big Boy saw. and bugger me if the first day it was in the Jeep, I had to cut a small tree up that had fallen across the road

near Bombah Point Ferry……it worked like a champion……like a hot knife through butter……very impressive.

I could go on about how much easier it is to pack my Oztent into your bag, how good the Snow Peak pegs and hammer are…..but you already know that.

I find it refreshing that you guys are selling good quality camping gear that will last, as opposed to places like Anaconda and BCF that sell cheap crap.

I just wish Gosford was closer to Gloucester!

Thanks again, and I’ll be in touch soon to get me a fire pit!


Hi Luke,

We had delivery of the fire pit and razor back hatchet last week, and couldn’t wait for our next camping trip, so we tested it out in the back yard.

It’s a absolute ripper!

The quality of the fire pit is exceptional, and i love the hatchet as well.

All the quality camping gear you sell is what I have been looking for a long time, I thank you and have placed another order this morning, and will continue to as

we replace our BCF gear.



Hi Luke

Just received our Snow Peak fire pit combo. Had no difficulty assembling the kit and can’t wait to try it, now.

Loved the message form Scott and the offcut of plywood for use as a fan!

Thanks for the great service…ordered Tuesday, despatched Wednesday, received Friday.

Not bad.

Cheers and compliments of the forthcoming Season to all at Drifta.



Hi Luke,

I have attached a photo of a very special camp from my recent trip to the Simpson.

The Snow Peak fire pit was fantastic. We only had to collect a small amount of wood for a great fire at night, and it was always good to go the next morning with just a quick stir of the coals.

It really reduced our impact on the area by minimizing the amount of wood required, and our camps were left clean and tidy with no ugly piles of coals and dirt like so many others.

Thanks for the great advice and service.

Regards, Tony

Subject: promotion of the excellent “snowpeak” products

Hi Luke

We received the small camp oven, safe and sound from you on our return from Tasmania thankyou, how beautiful it is. I bought it for bread baking (apart from the myriad of other uses I’m sure it has.) I have included a pic with an experimental first bake. It worked well


Hi Fiona,

I received the stacking saucepan set today and so far I’m impressed. It’s just what we were looking for. Will save us heaps of room in our Drifta kitchen. We are about to head off to Uluru and Kings Canyon, so the saucepans will get a great work out. Please pass on our thanks to the team. Fantastic service, every time.

The Smith family.

Hi Luke. Our fire pit arrived on Thursday and here’s our breakfast cooking this morning. We sat around it last night and raised a glass of rum to you and everyone at Drifta. Thanks for great products and videos. We also bought the large snow peak pan set and have a trackabout camper with one of your amazing kitchens. Yes, we’re Drifta fans! Best wishes, Allison.


No worries and thanks for letting me know. I just love the quality of snow peak – its insane. Sounds funny but that hammer and combo kit – well my mates all try and steal it !

And my little bloke (he is 6) loves pulling out the pegs with the special little tool on the back of the hammer – he thinks he is very important doing that :)

So please pass on my thanks to Luke for yet another wicked product – saw the coffee percolator and snow peak brand attached to it – and well yeah – had to have it .

Have my eye on some extra camp chairs and those awesome bamboo tables as well !

All the best Pete

Hi Fiona, my cook set arrived this morning just as Luke said in his video clip it is a beautiful product and the craftsmanship is first class I love those wooden handles it adds a touch of nostalgia and my boys will be putting the cook set and fire pit to work in a few weeks when we go camping in the bush. Thanks again for fast delivery and high quality products that will last me a life time that will create wonderful memories of our time camping that we will cherish for ever.

Thank you,

Regards David.

Subject: FIRE PIT

Hi Luke
Before and after I set on fire, cool

Thanks again

Hi Luke, Les from Durack in Brisbane,

Just to let you know the Razorback Hatchet and cover I purchased off you last week arrived safely this morning.

We are very impressed at the quality and workmanship of the item.

For the money it is great value and by looking after it, I am confident it still be around with one of our boys long after I am gone.

Terrific quality product by an Australian artisan, very proud that we can still make world class products better than anyone else.

Thanks a lot.


Good Morning,

Last Friday I ordered a Fire Pit in my husband’s Name.

Robert McInnes

I would just like to thank you so much for the quick delivery.

He picked it up from the Post Office on the Tuesday and when I got home in the afternoon he had it going. To say he was very happy with it is an understatement.

Again thank you for the wonderful and quick service that we got from your staff.

Debbie McInnes

Some Hammer and Stake photos , what a pleasure to use. Unstoppable


G.Day Luke
Nice piece of Fruit Cake.
See you next week

John Twine

Subject: Snow Peak

Hi guys, thanks for the quick turnaround just received my snow peak large fire pit and it looks great. Can’t wait to crank it up next week heading to the dandenong ranges then Phillip Island for New Years. Cheers Brenton

Brenton Page

Hi mate the new stuff we ordered from snow peak arrive today just in time we
used the new deep pan to cook up some lamb was so yummy.

Keep up the great work guys and as you can see in the back ground the our
DOT is getting a great work out.


Hi Luke,

Just received new large pack and carry fire pit. Quality is top notch as described. Staff were great to deal with and quick postage too.

Thanks Pete

Hi Luke and Kiyomi,

Thanks very much for sending through my new Snow Peak Cast Iron Oven (26cm). I knew this was the oven for me from the moment I watched the love and skill that goes in to creating them in Japan on this Snow Peak video.

The quality is outstanding. The rounded bottom, unique lid and stainless handles also give it a beautiful and unique look. The fine 2.25mm walls and 3.25mm bottom make it a little lighter which is nice. The high walls on the lid hold a mound of coals superbly and none end up in the pot.

These pictures are from it’s first night out in Julimar State Forest in Western Australia. The oven was great to use – I made a lamb and vegetable stew and it turned out really well. The lid can hold a load of coals so I could get the oven really hot from the top. The cast iron conducted heat really well and nothing stuck, it was really easy to clean to boot!



Hi Luke and Co.
We purchased a small SnowPeak firepit and grill from you recently and then took it on a 5 week trip from Perth across the Nullarbor to follow part of the route of the Murray in mid winter.
Our rig is a small car towing a Teardrop camper so space and weight are at a premium. The firepit was ideal. Although super-strong, it still It folds to fit almost anywhere and weighs just a couple of kilos. It was the first thing to go up every night at our free-camps. It is easy and safe – no need to clean up someone else’s old fire, deal with wet ashes – or to look for a surround of stones. A few small to medium sticks is sufficient to keep it going so no worries about the “bring your own firewood” notifications. We
found the BBQ grill easily big enough for two and a few select wellplaced pieces of bark gives food a great smoky flavour – while vegetables in foil fit neatly into the corners of the pit itself. Sometimes it was still warm enough in the mornings just to fire up again at breakfast. Then easily clean out, cool off and pack away in minutes.

It attracted a lot of interest from people we met on the road – and we’ve just ordered another one for our daughter and her husband.

We are not ‘gadget’ campers – but wouldn’t be without this one!

Thanks and regards,
Andre and Jocelyn Vogel

Good Afternoon Kiyomi,

Received our medium cook set this morning, thankyou very much. The chief
cook and bottle washer (wife) is very impressed and happy. Thankyou again
and as always was a privilege and a pleasure doing business with youself,
Luke and all at Drifta.


Hi Fiona,
Just wanted to let you know that I have finally received the package. We are very impressed with the camping goods and can’t wait to go camping once the summer arrives. Thank you so much for the amazing products and excellent service.
Kind regards
Arno Pietersen

Snow Peak Titanium Mug Review

You’ve probably worked out by now that I’m a bit coffee obsessed. The kitchen at home has a space allocated to preparation of coffee. My “Brew Bar”. I love coffee!
I can’t travel without coffee. I always pack a travel kit no matter where i’m heading. 4WD day trip for some hill climbs or mud? Pack the coffee. Weekend camping trip? pack it. On a flight somewhere? I even brew coffee ON THE PLANE. Yeap.
Read Full Article Here


Snow Peak Percolator Review

The Snow Peak Percolator is the ideal coffee brewer for camping with a group of people. With a 6-cup capacity, you can brew coffee for a group very easily on the camp fire or a gas stove. While it is excellent for brewing coffee for a group of people, I was unable to brew a single cup for one person. The proper function of the percolator requires enough water for it to boil up and ‘perc’. If brewing coffee for one or two people I recommend the Snow Peak coffee dripper (tested) or Snow Peak French Press (untested). It is very easy to use, and great if you do not want to go to a lot of effort to brew a pot, it’s quite a relaxed
The percolator is constructed of Japanese stainless steel and is very robust. It features an all-steel construction, with the exception of the glass viewing lid on top, fire-safe. The very solid handles pack down flat and fold out when in use, like most of the Snow Peak range of vessels and brewers.

To brew coffee for 4-6 people:
Fill the percolator with water to just above the lower-spout on the inside. Insert the Stem and coffee grinds tray. Grind up around 12gm of coffee per cup (or one large scoop). In this case, 50gm of coffee is ideal for four cups Fit the perforated shower screen over the coffee on the stem. Place lid on the percolator and sit it on the fire pit grill or in the coals After 8-10 minutes, the water will start to ‘perc’ (pour up out of the spout). You will see it in the glass viewing lid. Let it perc for around five minutes or until the desired coffee ‘colour’ is sighted in the glass viewing lid. Remove from fire / gas and set aside for a few minutes to let the grinds settle to the bottom. I like to rest it on the Snow Peak fire-pit base-plate which I always have setup next to the pit when camping. Remove entire inside (stem and coffee basket) and set aside. Pour coffee gently into cups. Snow Peak double-wall Ti mugs recommended to keep the brew warm Wash up with water, dry, and pack away into the Snow Peak mesh bag.

It was a real pleasure reviewing this brewer, my mates and I thoroughly enjoyed that morning cup of joe. I had to brew another pot because it was so delicious.

Pro Tip:
Grind coffee fresh at camp. I use a small hand-held grinder made by Japanese company “Porlex”. They are stainless steel and great quality. Excellent for camping (can be seen in one of the attached photos). Possibly a good one to offer on the web site, maybe also the “Hario 2-Cup v60 filter papers” for the pour-over coffee dripper. (Hario is another Japanese company)

Let me know if you’d like a video for the pour-over dripper too.
Cheers, James

Hey crew,
Just came back from an overnight drive from Melbourne to Hay plains – camped
out so we could take photo’s of the ‘super moon’
Froze our butts off – but got some great images but best of all made some
ripper toasted sangers on the best piece of kit in the universe !
Hope you like it.
And just incase you like the previous one heres the coffee pot going 10
minutes before ! You beaudy !

Hi Luke,
Here are some pictures of the gear in use

Subject: Re: Snow Peak Fire Pit Order
Hi All
Our Snow Peak fire pit order arrived about 2 hours ago well ahead of time.
We are delighted with the fire pit and all the accessories and now can’t wait to head off free camping to try it out.
We are currently at the Scarness Tourist Park until mid next week.
We will certainly be spreading the word
Thanks again
Nev & Jo Tait

Hi Luke, Chris and Anne here.
We recently purchased a snow peak cooking set and a hatchet from Drifta. We would like to extend our appreciation regarding the speed of delivery and the way Drifta staff (especially Julie) dealt with our purchase.
We live in Port Macquarie and have now lost two of our local camping stores and have to put up with lower quality goods locally. It is nice to know we can still obtain quality goods at our reasonable prices and have it delivered promptly.
We are leaving for Cape York in 5 weeks for 2 months and the cookware and the hatchet are going to get a serious workout lol.
Again thank you, it was a pleasure.
Chris and Anne

There isn’t much that is more exciting than when the postman arrives at the front door with packages.
It was a box from Drifta. These guys supply the Aussie masses with great Snow Peak gear, among other things. Check them out. So what’s inside? My recent Snow Peak order, a large “pack and carry” fire-pit combo. What’s in the combo? A large fold-flat fire pit, grill bridge, grill mesh, base plate, stand, heavy-duty canvas bag, and more.
Read the full review here:


Hi Luke,
I’d just like to say my Wife purchased some Snow Peak gear for my 41st birthday, and I couldn’t be happier! I was lucky enough to receive the Snow Peak chopping board, the Snow Peak cook set and the 3lt billy can and water proof bag. Mate, it’s awesome stuff. The quality is fantastic and it will last a life time.
Again, thankyou very much for your service and quality products.
Kind Regards
Tim Scarman

Hi kiyomi,
Just a bit of feedback about the Snowpeak medium fire pit. in a word, Fantastic.

Just used it for a 3 week camping trip, My brother and nephew thought it was a great product and had a few other campers look at it and they were impressed, so hopefully you will get a couple of sales.

Great product, good size fires, easy to clean and the fact that it folds flat makes it easy to store.

Darren Nicholls

See what the Aussie Overlanders Gareth and Kirsty say about Drifta’s Snow Peak gear

Excellent service got my Ti mugs today and am looking forward to having a
cuppa from them on the weekend.
So so so good to be able to buy from an Aussie Company! Keep up the great
I will pass on to the FJ Cruiser Fourm..

Vicki and the Drifta team
Thought I would send you our second go at the snow peak BBQ camping.
This time it was beef stroganoff in the camp oven. My secret recipe.
The fire started very easily with the help of some pine cones and was easy to maintain the heat with some small timber split by my beautiful daughters.
Photos attached, great product and highly recommended.
Clinton Parker

Luke & Kiyomi,

Our Easter Fun & Camping Weekend at Elliot Heads in Qld was made by the introduction into our camp of your medium Snow Peak Cook Set.

We cooked up some restaurant quality meals while there and the set now is tucked neatly away in our DPOR ready for our next trip.

Thanks again Kiyomi and team, it is always a pleasure to deal with a customer service focused company that delivers quality products.

p.s. The Snow Peak Fire Pits are my next camp improvement.
Kind regards

Luke, here’s some photos of the new snow peak gear out camping. It was a

luxury having a flat-pack fire pit! Everyone commented on it.

We cooked a horse of a salmon on it the first time we fired her up, no
dramas. Enjoyed a good fire morning and nights. Uses little wood, is nice
and warm.

The coffee Dripper is brilliant. Everyone at camp was smelling it and
wanting some. Like the fire pit it folds flat and won’t break like glass or
porcelain drippers. Big win!

Cheers mate! James Mandy

Spot the Drifta table out of my FJ drawers too!

Hi Vicki,
I received the snowpeak gear, all in good condition. My goodness the quality of this stuff is amazing…worth every single cent ! Nearly as good as your drifta products…thanks heaps.

Daniel Strainic

Hi Kyomi and all the staff at Drifta, I used the fire pit for the first time, good for keeping warm and good for cooking, no open fires allowed where we camped but the Park Ranger was more than happy to let us use the Snow Peak, even paid us a visit to have a look himself!, the collapsible tubs are robust and did the job just fine, we now have 2 tubs in place of our single hard body tub.

…….cheers Colin.

Hi Luke,
Thanks for opening your factory to us, on the day of that awful hail storm,
last Nov.

We are extremely happy with our Snow Peak (flat pack) BBQ & Snow Peak
(compact) pots set. We’ve had many curious admirers of the BBQ, & have given
out several of your cards.

As promised, we’ve sent you a few photos & are more than happy for you to
use any of them on your Web site, if you’d like to.

Kind regards
Ian & Helen Craigie
(Eltham VIC)

Hi Luke.

Many thanks for your and Beechy’s time today. Glad to say that I tested the fire pit and billy this afternoon and they worked a treat, steaks tasted brilliant.
Will give the trailer very serious consideration.

Kind Regards

Hi Luke,

Just wanted to say thanks very much for the Great Snow Peak cook set and kettle all arrived safe the other day as promised.

Brilliant service and terrific product, I will definitely spread the word and please feel to use these comments any time.

Best wishes,

Karl Webb

Hey Luke,

Just wanted to say I tried the fire pit last night and it worked a treat! Thank you so much for the service and I could not be happier with the pit. Was worth every cent. Also, if you get the cast iron duo cooker in from Snow Peak please let me know and I’ll order it first thing.

All the best,



Hey there Luke

We are so impressed with the Snowpeak Firepit.
Phil Hill another of your customers sent me some photos of his tripod he used with his Firepit.
I made one the same with some minor improvements.
Easy to fold and pack away.
It is so easy to adjust the heat by lifting the chain in the slot at the top and at the same time add more wood or shovel more ash to the top of an oven. Get on to Snowpeak to make an accessory.
Just a thought.

Stan Pinkerton


Hi Luke
Some time ago we bought a large Snowpeak fire pit pack and carry and a canvas bag.
We are members of the Ultimate Camper Owners forum.
We were the first to have this great piece of kit in our group and the quality and functionality speaks for itself.
Since we showed ours off there must be at least ten that have bought the Snowpeak Firepit.
There have been many photos posted on the forum with firepits in the foreground
Great gear Luke
Keep it up.

Stan Pinkerton


Thanks Luke

Used the fire pit on the weekend when we were camping.

Very impressed. Excellent for cooking.


Peter Spowart


Hi Luke,

Currently at Moree and heading slowly to Lucinda to explore more islands. Our current campground is rock hard and I busted my rubber mallet and bent one peg trying to pitch camp.

Then I remembered those black pegs (snow peak stakes) I brought from you. Magic stuff. Using my wood splitter as a hammer these pegs drove easily through the compacted rocky ground.



Just a short email to congratulate your company for the efficient service and the quality of the snow peak fire pit. I spoke with a very pleasant young lady (Julie) late on Tuesday afternoon and placed an order for the large fire pit and a base plate. The following day I received an email from Vicki to say that my order would be despatch that day. The fire pit arrived at our home in Terrigal during the morning of the next day i.e today Thursday.

The product was well packaged, looks like a good quality item and is extremely easy to set up.

We enjoy sitting around a fire at night when we are free camping in our motorhome and during our travels we have come across all sorts of fire pits such half LPG bottles and beer kegs. But the snow peak is just what we have been looking for. Simple to use and folds flat for easy storage. We learned of this product in last months issue of the CMCA magazine The Wanderer.

Kind regards,

Jim Thomson

Hi Luke,

You may recall you sent a Fire Pit to a supplier at Tingalpa in Brisbane.

I bought it from him and we just returned home after a couple of weeks camping. It was our first opportunity to try it out. So easy to light a fire and I grilled a couple of steaks on the grill and they were very moist and beautifully cooked.

Very impressed.



Quick trial run in the backyard before our cape trip!




Hi Luke, just back from wheeling trip to Israelite Bay. Man did the Snow Peak fire pit perform. All who saw it were impressed. I reckon I’ve sold a few for you! Here’s a couple of pics. Will get some other gear in time. My new company web site will go up this week. Innovative roof racks for Jeep wranglers. Check it out.


From Aussie Overlanders:

HELLO + WELCOME to an extra special post where we get our product testing hat on and check out some garry-good-gear.

First up is a piece of kit we want EVERYONE (especially YOU) to know about. Why? Well, because it rocks. It seriously rocks. It’s totally unqiue to the market. It will change where and when you can sit around a fire AND it will make everything you cook taste amazing!

Click the photo to see the blog


Hi Luke

Just a note to say how stocked I am with the Snow Peak fireplace n grill. Bought it of you a few months ago at the Queanbeyan camping show and have been using it heaps. We have always enjoyed having a campsite fire but it’s getting harder these days with many of the sites we camp at now requiring the fire to be within a brassier type container at least 6inches off the deck. Have now made up a roughy wind break for it which has evolved into a hood. Slow cooked roasts, few spuds in the bottom, bloody rippa!

Having a fire that flat packs is the goods. Great to cook on using heat beads, then some timber to see us out for the evening.

Great product line, Giga torch is a bloody weapon too.




Gday luke.Snow peak fire pit arrived today.Very impressed with the quality of the unit,looks fantastic,and cant wait to try it out!

Will keep you posted.

Thanks for your prompt service


Hello mate – Chris Ford from the sunny west here…….thanks for your prompt service!! I received the fire pit today and can’t wait to use it. I’ll be buying more Snow Peak products in the near future……….in the mean time, I’ll be spreading the word on your excellent products and service.

Cheers for now
Regards Chris

Hi Luke

I purchased a medium fire pit from you in July and just want to let you know how happy we are with it.
It’s very compact, easy to set up, doesn’t require a lot of wood and it is very easy to get a fire going.
Our first BBQ was lamb chops and I must say they turned out beautifully, just about the best we have had cooked on an open fire.


Glenda Ramage

Hi Luke

Just received the Snow Peak cookset. Wow. What an awesome product. Just oozes quality workmanship. Cant’ wait to put it to use.

Many thanks again for your generosity.


Hi Luke,
A very big Thank you for sending through the Snowpeak Fire Pit so quickly, we received it on Friday, as you can see by the attached photos it got a good work over the weekend. Very glad I took your advice and got a Large one, probably wouldn’t have wanted anything smaller. The Snow Peak is amazing puts out plenty of heat as the temps got down to 3 deg over weekend, and still had hot coals the next morning to cook breakfast, the flavour of the steak and the lamb chops were unbelievable, nothing like we have ever tasted before, simply the best.. Would highly recommend to all the Snow Peak Fire Pit is a must have for any Camper or Caravan. Thanks again, Luke and your team, we will be telling anyone who will listen about the Fire Pit…

Michelle Platell

Hey Luke – the Snow Peak Fire Pit arrived yesterday so I thought I better try it out last night. Definitely glad I went for the large and in my opinion unless you are really pushed for space this is the size to go for. I personally would recommend no smaller – but that’s just me. I have a caravan but even if I still had my camper this is the size I would go for.

As you said even when loaded and stacked with a decent fire for many hours it still folds up and is as straight as when it came from the box. I have only used it once but the fire was pretty decent. It was blazing at 9.30pm when I went to bed and when I got up at 3am – there were still coals glowing. At 7am there was still some slight warmth and when I stirred it I got some small sparks – but it all depends on the type of wood and how much overnight dew you get.

At first I was thinking it was too small but I think that is only because I pictured it in my mind as bigger.

It is very well made and designed – I see the biggest benefit is how flat it packs up so storing is no real issue. I’ll put it in the front boot of the van or under the bed or even under one of the seats. There is no reason not to take it every trip as it fits pretty much anywhere.

Attached are some pics but probably not real good as it was very dark and no flash on the phone. I’ll send some from the good camera when we go on our next little trip at the end of this month.




deano from canberra sent me this pic, of his large firepit.. luke


Hi Luke

Just a note to say we are stoked with the little Snow Peak Tramezzino. Gave it a workout on the weekend and ended up doing a few successful cookups.

Easiest tomato n mushroom omelette I have ever made, good skin and nice and moist. Made a salami cheese tomato toasties for lunch and worked well doing some blueberry pancakes for desert.

Seems to cook very even and everything just came out easy. High quality product, IMO money well spent.

Couple of photos attached




Hello Luke – firstly a big thank you for posting the grill (and the Catalog) for our recently purchased “Snow Peak” Pack and Carry Fire Pit (from the Newcastle Camping Show)!

We must let you know it’s far and away the best BBQ’er we’ve ever experienced (and we’ve had many!!) – we have had the very best tasting steaks, sausages, rissoles, bread and vegetables cooked on this little master – it cooks slowly and gives a magnificent taste to the food – we’ve experimented a little bit looking for environmentally sound fuel and have found the coconut shells and samba firelighters to be the best so far….. we absolutely love it.

We’ve just come back from a couple of short trips up the north coast and down Toowoon Bay and it has been the hit of the caravan parks…… everyone who notices stops to ask us about it…

We’ve been to Japan 3 times and it’s just “so Japanese” – tiny, practical, folds up to nothing and extremely great quality. We didn’t have one for the unit, so while we were away we picked up a good quality stainless grill onto which we put the fuel and that has worked a treat! When people purchase this BBQ from Drifta, we’d recommend you suggest the grill – it lifts the fuel and allows the air to flow beautifully underneath.

Thank you so much for bringing this great product into Australia (and your American friend who sold it to us was wonderful!)….. we wish you all the very best and trust we can convince people, as we go around on our travels, to look up snow peak and your drifta site. Best wishes always,

Kind regards

Chris & Terry


Hey Luke

Been a pretty busy holiday so far. Fraser Is is great but been pretty windy each night.

Att a couple of photos that may be good for site? Let me know if you want the full high definition version.