This customer came to Drifta with their truck/canopy plus the gear they need to carry. I measured it all up for them and sketched out a few ideas…and together this is the layout we came up with to give them easy access to all the gear…. [email protected]


This slide out bench is a great add on to this tray back system! Slides out on heavy duty stainless steel runners so is self supporting (no legs!). Sets up in seconds – simply release the latch and slide out for an instant work bench / prep area. Fully laminated top like your kitchen at home….ideal for food prep or as a general purpose work space.


Need that bit of extra storage? These pantry drawers are custom made to fit in with our tray back systems – exact design / sizing depends on what we are fitting them in there with. Normally a 4 drawer unit but sometimes work better as 2 drawers – the drawers have a brushed aluminium laminate on the fronts and no carpet inside so easy wipe clean, and look great! We call them pantry drawers, but you can store whatever you like inside.


This slide out style pantry is becoming more and more popular. Each one is custom built to order so the sizing, exact configuration and finishes can be altered to suit you. Most popular is a 2 shelf (with lip) configuration with a solid back – we normally make the shelves different heights to help store items of different size. We can also do 3 shelves and have the pantry space open both sides…whatever suits :) The exact sizing, configuration and suitability of the slide out pantry is dependent on what the rest of the system layout is like.


This example has 2 shelves (with lip) and is mainly carpeted with a lacquered finish inside the storage area.


You can have a full back like shown here, or we can make it open both sides for access both sides.


The Pantry slide out is sized to fit in with the rest of the layout, so totally custom made to suit you and your canopy / space


Can be finished in the carpet – matches the drawer system, which looks great.


Here’s another example – this one is finished with a brushed aluminium laminate on the front….


…plus its open through on both sides (no back).

Screen Shot 2022 04 25 At 2.15.23 Pm

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