Often the internal panels of the Troopies get knocked about – these replacement panels we make are 4mm plywood covered in the same neat carpet that we use to cover the drawers. Cut out on our CNC machine – these panels are much tougher than the original panels so will give your Troopy a neat little tidy up – and then last the test of time!

Old to new – the new Drifta replacement panels definitely give any Troopy a bit of a face lift!

Tough, durable and neat – the new panels are made from 4mm plywood and covered in carpet (match Drifta drawers) – these panels are much tougher than the original Toyota ones and will stand the test of time.

The panels are cut to allow for the original water filler cap, of if you don’t have the cap / your Troopy doesn’t have the rear water bottle – we ALWAYS provide a bolt on cover like shown here.

We also provide a new cover for the jack access too (original cover doesn’t fit with Drifta panels).

The replacement Troopy panels simply screw on – I give you some self drilling button head screws to fix then new panels into place. Price is $395 + delivery to you (plus delivery charge), or I can install them here for $95.

NOTE – if you order panels the same time as a Drifta drawer system we’ll knock you $45 off the price :)

If you want to order I’ll need to see a couple of photo’s of the existing panels so I make the new ones to match. I can get these out to you in a couple of weeks from order, no worries.

Any questions – drop me an email – [email protected] Cheers, Beechy…