Suit 30L fridge – from $3295 (average spend $4250 approx)

Suit 40L fridge – from $4145 (average spend $5750 approx)

Here is a great system that eliminates the issue of where to store the fridge in the Troopy when you need a flat floor on top of your storage! This unit has a drawer fridge built into one of the rear drawers, so you can open the drawer fridge whenever needed – then to access the storage space behind the fridge the whole drawer box on that side slides out (up to 1600L). Can be made to suit any drawer fridge – both 30L and 40L options available. We can also make this unit to fit in behind a bench seat if that’s what you’ve got, and customization is no problem – just contact the team here and let us know what you need.

*check out Troopy example #5 – this drawer fridge would work great with the kitchen option aswell!

30L drawer fridge option

The drawer fridge sits flush with the rear of the vehicle, so very neat and tidy. The unit is built around whatever drawer fridge you choose so the size of the drawers and table depends on which drawer fridge is used.

The drawer that the fridge is mounted into runs on heavy duty stainless steel runners – it slides out fully so you can access the space that’s behind the fridge easily. You can still open the fridge when the drawer is open too – so very easy to use this system.

The slide out drawer is normally MAX around 1600mm long. Open storage behind the fridge, then above the fridge we laminate the top of the housing so you can use this space as a worksurface – very handy when cooking a feed!

In front of the drawers we normally build in 2 lift off hatches like shown here – ideal spot for an extra battery. And if you need extra water we can build in our 55L poly water tank.

Next to the fridge we have a standard Drifta style drawer – this runs on the Teflon slides like most of our drawers. Above the wheel arch’s we have lift off side wings to access this space easily.

The Drifta slide out table is OPTIONAL, but really it is a MUST!! This can be used half slid out as a bench out the back of your truck, or removed and set up free standing on the fully adjustable legs attached.

40L drawer fridge option
Here’s an alternative layout with the larger 40L drawer fridge installed. The 40L fridge is a good bit larger externally as well as the extra capacity on the inside, so we have designed this alternative layout to accommodate the fridge plus also maximize storage within the unit. The fridge is still built into the slide out drawer then next to the fridge we have 2 (stacked) drawers. The drawers are narrower of course, but the space in the slide out behind the fridge is bigger. If you include the removeable table option (recommended) then we position this above the fridge which means you get a wider table plus some extra height inside the 2 stacked drawers.

NOTE – unit height no table 445mm / with table 510mm external

This system is the goods we think! Big fridge, 2 drawers, slide out table (optional) plus the laminated top/bench above the fridge.

Large/wide storage space in behind the fridge, and the fridge can be opened either with the slide out open or closed – very easy access all round.

The 2 stacked drawers works well with the extra height of this design – really easy to access and organize all your gear in here.

The removeable table is technically optional – but its so incredibly handy that pretty much its always included.

As always there is lots of space each side below the side wings. Other accessories like water tanks also available

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