From $3875 (average spend approx. $4300)

Here we have the ultimate set-up…whether you’re planning a long term trip or just enjoy a quick weekend get away – this is a great set up for a Troopy! The kitchen slides out on heavy duty stainless steel runners, so sets up in seconds and is so easy that even the kids could do it! Nice big storage drawer. Drifta’s unique slide out table that can be used as a bench out the back of your truck, or sets up free standing with the legs attached to the bottom. Then a solid full length top above the lot so you can easily chuck a mattress up there to sleep. When you’re not out exploring you can use the drawer for day to day gear plus chuck whatever you want on top…so your Troopy can still be your everyday driver.

Troopy Fit Outs

Because they run on Metho saves you the cost of having to buy a gas bottle, plus overcomes the problem of where to store the gas bottle!

Troopy Fit Outs

Made from Marine grade stainless steel – these are available from Drifta and can be seen in more detail here…. There is also a bench top version available as shown here

Any questions – drop me an email – [email protected] Cheers, Beechy…