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(price from $6000 approx)

The Troopy is the ultimate vehicle for touring Australia (and beyond). Drifta are proudly pioneers in custom making touring systems for the Troopy – and our Troopy #6 style system is currently one of our most popular builds. This design works well with a pop top installed, but also a standard roof is fine.

With close to 1000 Troopies currently fitted out we have a wealth of experience and work closely with all customers to…

  • Design the layout you need – cabinetry design, floor plan layout, sizing of drawers/cupboards/storage is all customized to your specs
  • Custom sizing – all cabinetry is sized to fit with your gear (fridge, etc)
  • Brain storm ideas – we have done a lot of builds so have lots of ideas…but we are always ready to hear new ideas also
  • Finishes – natural timber, black/aluminium, carpeted – laminated work tops or timber slab tops…lots of choice
  • 12v power systems – from basic to premium spec – Lithium, solar, 240V power for induction/coffee machines, hot water systems, anything…!
  • Camp/4wd accessories – awnings, chairs, stoves, recovery gear, more.

Each system we build is different in some way. Some are similar, some are total one off’s. Check the video’s and photo’s below for inspiration – then contact Beechy and the team and they will work with you to turn your vision into reality.

The general concept is rear opening drawers (seat/bed on top), a central walkway and the wall unit for internal storage. Mostly the seat/bed goes on the LHS and the wall unit on the RHS….but it can be opposite if required. The design is dependent on things like what style / size of fridge….internal/external cooking….the style of 12v install / accessories you require….plus also your general taste on looks and finish.

Whatever you need – whether you see a similar example on this page or not – we can create it for you, so get in touch!









We are always creating more ideas here at Drifta – here’s a bundle more photo’s. If you want some thing you don’t see best you get in touch and we can check out your ideas…

[email protected]

Img 3926
Some units ready to install – no one else in the works produces quality custom units like Drifta!

Thanks for checking out this page. We hope you have been inspired by what we do at Drifta….and we are always keen to add more ideas to our range so if you have an idea to better suit your needs we are ready to hear it :)

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Thanks – Beechy and the team!