From $3340 (average spend $4200)

This unit combines our VS#5 and VS#6 units…so you get both the kitchen and fridge sliding out the rear. Normally best to have the kitchen on the RHS and fridge on the LHS. The optional slide out table is great also so really this is a MUST more than an option – best position of the table can vary depending on each build.

Works especially well with a low level fridge to help keep the unit / bed height lower. If you don’t have a fridge then Drifta can supply…something low level could be an Evakool RF47, RF60 or the Engel 60L (Drifta supply these 2 brands)….or if you already have a fridge then we can build to suit what you have.

Front end of the unit has a few options – drawers / boxed space with hatch / hinged door / bed extension system……basically whatever you need and will work best in your van.

More details shown on the separate pages for VAN SYSTEM #5 and VAN SYSTEM #6

The best of VS#5 – Drifta’s famous slide out kitchen! Includes a dedicated stove space with hinged lid, drawers, cupboard, more – exact design does vary depending on each build, but looks something like this.

The kitchen has different slide out options – can be on legs like this…so you just drop the one leg to use the unit out the back of your van, or you can drop the 2nd (optional) leg to set it up away from the van as a free standing unit.

An easier set up system is to have the kitchen slide out on heavy duty stainless steel runners – just release the tab and the unit slides out very easily with no lifting required, and no legs to set up (self supporting). This system does not allow for the kitchen to be removed as it is attached to the vehicle.

The TOP OF THE RANGE option is to have it all! So the kitchen has the legs below, but then sits in a metal tray that allows it to slide out on the heavy duty runners when needed. So for quick stops you use the runners….then you still have the option to remove the kitchen and set it up free standing – the best of both :)

Next to the kitchen we put the fridge – and a really good option we offer is to make an extended fridge slide with an open top box ion the rear….so as you slide out the fridge you also slide out these neat extra storage space that’s built onto the back of the slide. Really handy for those taller items.

The slide out table is optional, but you almost have to get this! Can be used half slide out as a bench, or removed completely and set up free standing on the ground.

The front end of the unit can be built however needed to suit you and your van. If you need a shorter main unit (to fit in behind a bench seat / similar) then we can make a hinged extension like this.

Or we can make the unit longer and build in some drawers, or a boxed / hatch space to fit in some 12V (or just as extra storage).

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Mark Beech (Beechy) manages all vehicle fit outs at Drifta. He has many years experience and knows most vehicles very well so can offer you lots of advice and tips on what system could work best for you. Most of our standard vehicle systems can be bought online through our “ORDER NOW” function, and Beechy checks through all orders to make sure they will fit/work as needed. Anything more customized, or any questions – please contact Beechy and the drawer sales team – there is nothing they can’t help you out with! Thanks for looking……

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