From $1990 (average spend approx. $2700)

Van surf board / ladder storage we can easily take care of…the most popular solution is to build in a slot/space within the drawer unit that the boards / ladder can simply slide into – so they are safe from damage and also theft! You can then throw any other gear in the back and know there’s no risk of damage…or even a mattress. As with everything at Drifta we can make the layout however you need it, but here’s a couple of popular options…

OPTION 1 – single rear drawer

This is the most popular layout – SURF BOARD / LADDER SLOT + single rear drawer + slide out table (optional). There is also a lift off hatch in front of the drawer (good place for an auxiliary battery). In some vans we can make the lift off hatch a slide out drawer…this depends what van you have and what length you want the unit to be.

OPTION 2 – same idea, but with more drawers…

This unit has a full false floor from rear to the front. SURF BOARD / LADDER SLOT + 2 drawers out the back, then 2 drawers out the side door. Lots more drawer storage with a nice flat deck right through the back of the van.