One of the many advantages of owning a 76 series Cruiser is the fact that Front Runner make really good gull wing windows for side access into the rear cargo space. And to compliment the windows Drifta have now designed a custom made box that fits on the inside to create a sperate boxed in space. The boxes can be used for anything, but some classic popular examples are…

  • House all 12V gear – so a dedicated space to house displays, gauges, battery management, sockets, inverters, compressor + any other accessories.
  • Quick stop items – things you need quick, easy and regular access to.
  • Coffee stop – have all your coffee, tea…and even condiments on hand so easy to get to when needed (like early mornings!).
  • General storage.
  • Other…?


The window boxes come in a LHS or RHS. Easy install – each box requires 5 holes to be drilled inside the vehicle, but also utilizes some existing threaded points to secure. Each box comes with 1 adjustable shelf (with front lip to keep things in place) – fully carpeted finish. Install is easy (basic skills / tools required – instructions provided), or we can install at Drifta HQ in Gloucester.

The gap in between the boxes when installed is 1015mm – the exact gap needed to fit either side of a set of Drifta drawers.

PRICE PER SIDE – $495 supply only / $595 installed


The Front Runner gull wing windows are top line quality – LHS and RHS available, easy access, lockable, easy install (drilling required) and available in either black powder coated aluminium or glass.

PRICE – contact Beechy


Mark Beech (Beechy) manages all vehicle fit outs at Drifta. He has many years experience and knows most vehicles very well so can offer you lots of advice and tips on what system could work best for you. Most of our standard vehicle systems can be bought online through our “ORDER NOW” function, and Beechy checks through all orders to make sure they will fit/work as needed. Anything more customized, or any questions – please contact Beechy and the drawer sales team – there is nothing they can’t help you out with! Thanks for looking……



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