Here’s some of the testimonials we’ve received.

If you’d like to send pictures of your Drifta we can put them up too.

Hi Julie

Thanks for that, I’m really really happy with the product and service you guys have a great team of people up there and I’ll be highly recommending your products to others.

Thanks Craig

Hi Luke,

Recently I ordered a custom roof bag, custom bootliner bag and some MaxTrax straps from you. I just got back from a trip up North and I have some feedback for you about my purchases. The bootliner bag and MaxTrax straps have been being used since I got them and they are great. I was impressed with the roof bag when I received it, the quality seemed excellent, was exactly the size and spec I ordered it and it arrived quickly and was really well packed.

This ended up being the first outing for the roof bag (after we had to cancel a previous trip) and all I can say is that it is Awesome! It is very easy to use, the zips and straps are great, and the carpet inside it makes a great surface for our gear to sit on. The bag took a beating, it was exposed to hundreds of k’s of red dust, it got repeatedly hit by low hanging trees on tracks and got rained on overnight on the second night. I was very happy to find no red dust, and no water got into the bag at all, unlike my previous roof bag (which was not a cheap bag and was from a well-known 4wd accessory supplier). In addition, it sustained no damage from the low hanging sticks and twigs.

This bag has made family trips so much easier, thank you and your team for the excellent products, and also for the work you do in keeping jobs and manufacturing of quality products in Australia.



G’day Luke,

Received our awning last week (along with the rest of the order), thank you. Got out on the weekend and used it for the first time. We are both extremely happy with it. For its size we were surprised at how easy it is to put out and fold up and we worked out pretty quickly how to incorporate the Doble light pole into it. I have attached a photo from the weekend. Thank you and your team for once again providing quality Australian made products. Look forward to future business.


Jason Slade

Luke, just wanted to follow up and say I was really impressed with your setup and the service from your guys.
I had my gear, fitted and on the road in ~20 minutes.
Also the gear is superb and your setup in Gloucester is fantastic.

All the best,

Hi Drifta,
Thank you for this great quality bag
The one that came with the compressor didn’t last long.


Hi Luke,

I had mentioned I’ll send you some pics of the drawer system and the rooftop bag Drifta made for my Mitsubishi Challenger. The photos are from my Uluru trip last September. One of the bag and the other of the drawers. Just FYI, I clicked the photo of the drawers on the 135km dirt track between King Canyon and Red Bank Gorge.

I can’t express how happy I am with the drawers and the bag. The drawers are always in use but I’ve also used the bag on another trip I did down south to Victoria via the NSW/VIC coastline during the Christmas/NY break. Both of these items are so useful and very good quality. Everyone (and I mean everyone) who sees them, including when I’m loading my vehicle at the supermarket, they come and comment on it. People notice the high quality standard of your products that you have set.



Hi luke

I thought I let you know how the bags you made me are working out.

Tea Pot and Kettle, brilliant not only great storage but what a terrific tea cozy on the freezing mornings in the desert works a treat.

Gas canister and blow torch bag so handy grab the lot in one trip forgot nothing.

Primus stove and spare gas canister this was so convenient when we were up in the big desert doing day trips in the vehicles and no rattles.

The best for last motorcycle bag for the Fal 3 tent, this is a beautiful piece of work worked, it did the job perfectly and it will be put to use again Anzac week when I ride the Bogong High Pains road and Falls Creek for my wet weather gear, to cold up there for camping in a tent, this time motels.

Thanks Luke for all you great service and products, I think I might be looking for a bag for my hatchet next I am worried about the handle getting damaged and splinters.

Regards David.