This is where it all started for Drifta! 

Luke the Drifta got the idea of building his 1st camping kitchen during the early 90’s when he was a horse guide in the USA. After his return back to Australia he started to build camping kitchens in his garage and sold them around at camping shows all over Australia. Over the years Drifta started growing, and so did the kitchen department. Drifta supplied Australian trailer manufacturers with kitchens and developed many different sizes and styles to provide a perfect cooking experience for different needs. If a freestanding or camping trailer kitchen is what you need, Drifta have a solution for everyone.

Custom work is no problem for the kitchen team. We can provide storage boxes and kitchen units to your existing camping trailers and make them fit perfectly. To enquire about or order a Drifta kitchen, send an email direct to our kitchen department manager Andrew Creek ([email protected])

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We make it to exactly suit your camper size. With so many trailer manufacturers out there, we custom build each package to fit your trailer. So it is custom fitted = no space wasted – not one size fit’s all. The tailgate closes to lock it all in place.

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Tucker Box

The Tucker box lifts out first. It has vent covered air holes in the side for ventilation. Perfect for potatoes, onions, and all sorts of veggies and other food. Can also be used to sit / stand on.

KItchen Set-up

The kitchen pulls out so the legs can be dropped down. One end stays on the back of the trailer however an extra set of legs can be added to make it free standing. Then the lid lifts off, the front comes out and they attach to the kitchen. Very easy to set up. Folds out to create lots of bench space.

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Cooking & Cleaning

The kitchen can fit up to a standard 3 burner stove. (green stove not included). There are 3 drawers in the kitchen, a water hand pump with hose, and plenty of space for storage. A single black tub for washing up is included or add collapsible tubs for the ideal set-up.

Storage Box

The storage box can pull at out any time to store all your camping gear, and allows easy access into your trailer. The storage drawer comes with one set of legs and a divider to help keep things organised. You can also upgrade the box to have front drawers! 

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So the complete setup, kitchen, tucker box, and storage box. This is the best setup really for a standard camper. Easy, and very practical.

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Feedback from some of our happy customers. Read more here.

Camping Kitchen Testimonial17

just finished a trip up the Gibb river and Cape Leveque with the Drifta set up. Attempted to rattle it to bits over the corrugations and other unexpected obstacles but it came out 100% sweet! Not a screw to tighten or nail to tap.

Brendon / via email
Img20210209184454 510x1077

Morning Creeky. I had about 5 weeks away and I am happy to say what a fantastic job the DPOR did. It’s a credit to Luke for coming up with such a well designed, and thought out unit and an even bigger credit to you and your team for the skill and professional way it is put together, the quality is exceptional.

Jonesy / via email
Campng Kitchen Testimonial 003

Huge thanks to you guys for our new kitchen. We are on our big trip to Coober Pedy and you have
changed the way we camp forever. The kitchen is now so functional that we can’t believe how easy it is. SO much bench space. The draw system is fantastic too. Setup and packup is a breeze. Honestly… You have made this trip awesome.

The Fleming Family / via email
Img 0135 E1599794480535 300x225

Hi Luke , just attached a couple of pics of the kitchen package deal we ordered from you eleven years ago. As proud owners of this unit which has had extensive use in that period, we have sent you the pics as testament to quality workmanship. It has withstood heat of over 50 degress down to the minus mark without any signs of failure. As i am constantly off road with my trailer it has had a rough eleven years. Greatly appreciate the workmanship which has stood the test of time. Cheers Dave, Geraldton  west Australia. September 2020

Dave / via email
20200119 163351 Resized 300x169

To anyone looking to either build, modify or just update their camper trailer kitchen, that’s up to you, I bought one from Drifta Camping & 4WD and from Measurements to Final Product, I would not even bother building one. The process was smooth and the delivery time was excellent. The staff are very helpful and I would like to thank Creeky for all his help! Cheers Mate.

Mark / via email
Camping Kitchen Testimonial08 300x225

This setup is just awesome! We have it in the trailer already, and everything fits with room to spare.
The quality of your product is outstanding. You guys did an amazing job, and we are SUPER happy!

John / via email