WELCOME to the DRIFTA VAN FIT OUTS video page! Below are several videos demonstrating some of the van fit outs we have carried out here at Drifta. There is a 2 part video at the top which shows the popular designs that we offer – these are the systems that we install every day of the week as they are popular layouts that suit a lot of peoples needs. Following on from that are lots of other video’s that demonstrate some of the more custom fit outs we have done – just to show the style of what we offer and how we can build pretty much whatever you need, as long as it is possible build and practical to use.

We love new ideas and concepts, so if you have an idea for something that’s different to whats shown here – get in touch!

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PART 1 and PART 2 – popular styles of van fit outs at Drifta

CUSTOM BUILDS – tell us what you need, and we’ll build it!

Each of the videos below is of an individual van – generally larger fit outs with lots of different custom features. If you’re looking for inspiration of what we can do in your van – then check out some of these ideas!

Good video demoing some great features for a larger van fit out – big bed with lots of storage, inclusive kitchen with built in 140L bar fridge, internal seats with table area, lining/insulation + a comprehensive 12V power system including 320W solar panels, 2 x 125ah lithium batteries, 1800W inverter, and much more…..

This is a medium to large sized van – finished totally in bare / lacquered timber as requested by the customer. Includes a total of 11 storage drawers plus a storage slot for a surf board under the bed, drop in table/bed base, a fully built in kitchen including a bar fridge + storage + sink/hand pump, fully wired 12V / solar / 240V inverted power supply……and so much more!! This van fit out breaks away from our standard style, and showcases some good examples of just what we can offer.

Kim’s fit out included large under bed storage (for paddle boards/similar) plus the drawers with central walkway above (creates bench seating inside). Lots of drawer storage plus the impressive overhead units to make full use of all available space. Internal kitchen to the front with built in sink / water pump with basic jerry can storage (clean and grey water). Full internal insulation and the new grooved timber lining panels. Full 12v install with lithium batteries, solar panels and motorized roof ventilation. Check out this build – its neat!

This fit out features a bed that converts into a seat / central walkway, internal and external tables, integrated internal kitchen, walls/roof lined in bare timber + fully insulated, Dometic bar fridge + full aux battery system including solar, plus a lot more.

A home on wheels! This van was fitted out for a couple who have chosen life on the road for a few years, so they are totally living out of their van. Many little necessities in here like LOTS of storage under the bed, a wardrobe, kitchen with sink and a porta toilet! Plus much more, of course. A good example of how we can combine what customers need with Drifta’s practical design and assured quality.

Medium length van with a medium roof height. This fit out includes a slide out kitchen out the rear – the kitchen slides out on easy stainless steel runners for quick / easy access, plus it has a full set of legs attached to the bottom so it can be lifted out and set up free standing. The best of both worlds!! Next to the kitchen is an 80L fridge on a slide, plus lots of storage drawers for other gear/food – so all set to cook up a gourmet feed on the road :) Lithium aux battery, 160W solar, inverter plus much more. Check it out…..

PROGRESS VIDEO! – This video shows progress of the install from start to finish. So we look at the empty van and talk about the initial plans and ideas….then there is a part way video…right through to the finished install demo.

BIG van with BIG storage! This is an older van, but by the time we fitted out the inside with a custom Drifta set-up it came up a treat. The large tray that slides out the rear was a first time build – a great idea if you have the height for the tray plus storage drawers above (needed for structural purposes). Side wall shelves, overhead shelving, internal drop in table…plus up the front a built in kitchen module with lots of storage for a fridge, food and utensils, etc… Full 12V power supply including 2 x 120A/h batteries, 160W of solar and an 1800W inverter to take care of most 240V appliances.

Here’s Beechy doing a quick walkaround video of the vehicle fit out bay at Drifta HQ – good to check out some of the jobs we having coming through as there’s always custom builds on the go here! We show what we can on the Drifta web site but we are always doing so much more – so check out this video for some cool custom ideas….