Get 10% off Drifta Stockton items with any drawers/kitchen sales valued at over $750 invoice total (excludes roof top tents and accessories and 12v lithium batteries).
NOTE – to receive the 10% discount the Drifta Stockton items must be PRE-ORDERED with your drawers/kitchen system

Drifta STOCKTON offers high quality gear and accessories for all types of camping, van life and 4wd customers… and now we have made them available at a discounted rate – as a bit of a thank you for purchasing your Drifta drawers, storage, or kitchen system. Check out the Drifta STOCKTON web site for the full range and/or see below for some of the most popular items. Once you choose what you need email it through to the drawers or kitchens sales team and they will add this to your order…   [email protected] or [email protected] for kitchens.

To be eligible for 10% discount you need to…

  • Have a drawers or kitchens order in place with the invoice total over $750.
  • Add the items you require to your existing drawer/kitchen order through our drawers/kitchens sales team.  (DO NOT   “Add To Cart”)
  • These retail items will be packed up with your drawer system or kitchen once it is built and completed (not sooner).


  • If your drawer / kitchen unit is being delivered to you – large items like awnings and fridges will have an additional freight charge added as they will require your shipment to go as 2 items.
  • Roof top tents and related accessories are not included in this deal.
  • 10% discount is off full retail price. No further discounts apply.
$54.00$149.00 inc. gst
$48.60$134.10 inc. gst
$299.00$349.00 inc. gst
$269.10$314.10 inc. gst
$49.00$65.00 inc. gst
$44.10$58.50 inc. gst
$17.00$99.00 inc. gst
$15.30$89.10 inc. gst
$89.00$99.00 inc. gst
$80.10$89.10 inc. gst