WALL 7 $550


For DOT 5, 6’s, closes in between the awning and the tent. Made by Drifta Canvas..

Has a door and a window.. for older DOT’s, we may need the other walls to modify to get to fit..


TO PURCHASE ... if you know exactly what you are after, then you can now purchase online via the checkout.. orders will be despatched same day if before 10.00 am, or next day for any after.. if you are not quiet sure what you want, then give us a call/ email, and we can help you out... you can still then pay with a CC over the phone, or we can send out an invoice so you can pay direct deposit.. if you have a large order, say over $1000, then we might be able to help with freight costs, so best to email me if you find freight to be a bit high.. also, for orders that are mixed, say a snow peak combo, but you want to swap for a ½ and ½ grill net, then you’ll need to contact us, best to call and we can organise/ process straight away.. so yeah , use the checkout if you like, otherwise, give us a call anytime, and we can help you out.. : ) ta luke

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