The big advantage of the DFSD, is that it helps to split up the area inside the trailer. The drawers can be easily accessed while the trailer is folded up, or it can be pulled out and made into a really handy bedside table inside the camper. See setting up for more details.


  • Height: 430 mm
  • Length: 1150 mm
  • Width: 460 mm

New !! fully bootlined, with lockable flush fitting catches.

Comes with full plastic runners, adjustable legs, fully bootlined carcas, bootlined drawers & flush fitting lockable latches. You need a front access door for this, see “my trailer setup” for some idea.

Also now available, a single drawer option.


just send me an e-mail, (click photo below) .. i need to know, if the hinges on your tailgate are on the drivers side (RHS) or passenger side (LHS). We make the kitchen to suit either left or right.. also, the kitchen is 425 high, so you need at least 430 mm clear opening height. If you have less than this, just give me the height, and we can cut the kitchen down to suit.. no charge for this.. (space is taken from the bottom).

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