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This small stopper kit is designed for use with our slide out kitchens and also our storage boxes. It is one kit so if you want to use it with a kitchen + storage box you need two kits. We have been making our Australian designed and hand made kitchens and storage boxes the same way for many years, in that they pull out of the trailer and are supported by the legs, but leave about 150 mm still sitting on the trailer. Many people have wanted to free stand the kitchen/storage box at times, so this system has worked well.. the downside, is if you pulled it out too far, it will fall on the ground.. this has happened to a few people, it won’t damage the kitchen, but better if it doesn’t happen so you don`t get injured!! The storage boxes/kitchens can be very heavy, once you fill it with all the camping gear!  So, this is the kit i have come up with. These are $32 for one kit. Order here: [email protected]   

To install this is pretty straight forward. Here’s some tips and pictures on how to do it!   

The kit includes 2 meters of super strong paracord, 2 x D shackles, 2 rubber P clamps, a button head screw for the trailer, and a captive nut and bolt for the kitchen/box. 

If you have a fridge box kitchen or storage box, the captive nut should go outside on the back of the unit near the top, with the P clamp and bolt on the inside. Drill an 8mm hole for the captive nut and tap it in with a hammer. For other kitchens you can fix to the top of the kitchen if you have the room, or to the front near the cupboard door. 

For the trailer you can screw into the underside of a bed base near the back wall if you have one, or straight into the back wall or a cross bar of the trailer. Make sure on the trailer it is screwed up high above the kitchen or box where possible.  

Tie the paracord to one D shackle and knot it well. this can now be connected to the P clamp on the trailer. Now set the length of paracord to the kitchen/box D shackle. For a kitchen you want the paracord to be taught at the point where the cupboard door or fridge lid can just be opened past the end of the trailer and there is still some of the kitchen inside the trailer as well, about 80mm – 150mm. 

The supplied rope is very strong, won’t stretch, and light enough to not get in the way when the kitchen/box is pushed away.

If you have any questions, just give us a call or email Creeky. 

[email protected]  

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