• These snow peak mugs, have a double skin wall, with an insulating space in between. This means your tea stays hot for much longer, you won’t burn your hands, or your mouth. This is the best mug you can buy. Cup holds 450 mls when full...


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  • NEW, just arrived, these are a double skin titanium mug, same as the standard Ti mug, just different colour.. once you drink out of this mug, you won’t want to drink out of anything else... 


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  • Snow Peak stackable mug.. same as the double skin titanium mug, but without handles.. 300, and 200 stackables will fit inside.. my favourite mug. 97 mm high, 86 mm wide.. only 100 grams..


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  • Reduced from $139 (Save $10)

    These are a high quality stainless steel coffee percolator.. will brew 4-6 cups.. use on gas, or directly on the snow peak fire pit... 115 mm x 190 mm , 800 grams..


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  • H300 $45
    H200 $39
    Double skin ti stackable mugs.. will fit inside the ti 450 mug, making a compact set.. 300 and 200 mls in each, perfect as a smaller mug, the 200 size would be ideal for spirits/ wine etc..


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  • Drifta-Snowpeak-Testimonials

    Here's some of the testimonials we've received.

    If you'd like to send pictures of your Drifta we can put them up too.
    Subject: Re: Fire pit from Drifta Hi Drifta - just to say the fire pit we bought from you has been really excellent. We are enjoying a two month trip from Adelaide to WA and find the convenience of the fire pit a great help. It has reduced the amount of wood we use, and the fact it leaves no sign where it has been is great for the environment. Very easy to put up and to clean. Thanks Gordon
    Hi Luke and team, Just a little positive feedback. Having purchased a Snow Peak fire pit and all the goodies to go with it last year and quite a few canvas items recently I would like to compliment yourself and the team on great service[...]