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  • Many people are emailing asking can we ship overseas… so this really depends.. if you are looking to have something sent overseas, it’s very important you let us know what you would like, and where you are..
  • Some things we can send, other things we can’t.. with the standard Australia Post service, they ship pretty much worldwide, at fairly reasonable prices, ($100 AU up to 7 kg for example) , but we can’t send anything over 20 kgs, and nothing over 1 meter long.. so , snow peak items, some 4wd/ camping accessories, and all our canvas bags can be sent…
  • Our SHOPPING CART IS NOW WORKING FOR UNITED STATES, AND SOON CANADA. So any items under 20 kgs, and less than 1 meter long, will be able to be purchased through the shopping cart.
  • Awnings, are too long, so we can’t ship with Australia Post.. so say an awning to EU or USA, we just can’t do it at this stage..
  • For EUROPE sales please visit and you will find all products that are available. We can send them out from Czech Republic to every country in Europe. If you would like something that is not on the cart please email us and we will put it on the next freight list from Australia.
  • US/ Canada .. anything small, under 20 kg, or under 1000 mm long, we can send easily with Australia Post.. anything bigger, well, at this stage, we are looking to send some DOT Campers to the States, in a container.. we are currently applying for dept transport approval, it all hinges on this, but if this goes thru, and (july now) it looks like it will, then we’ll be sending a container to an agent in Los Ang CA.. in this container, we can also fit anything else, so drawers, kitchens, awnings, etc.. everything we build and sell here will be able to be sent.. there will be of course added freight charges, and handling charges, but it won’t be expensive, or excessive, and with the low aussie dollar, (sitting around 0.75 cents to the US) that’s a fair discount on the US dollar.. two years ago, the aussie dollar was even with the US, so now it’s low, that’s like a 25 % saving, which makes it even more affordable..
  • Large items, can’t be sent easily, individually.. something like an awning, 2.5 meters long, can only be sent in bulk, like on a pallet.. the reason is, for large freight, it has to go LCL (less than container load) freight, via ship.. (as opposed to Australia Post) so someone wanting an awning in south africa for example, it’s almost the same price to send a pallet load of awnings, as it is to send one awning.. this is because, with international freight, the majority of costs involved, is not the freight itself (shipping freight charges is extremely cheap at the moment, with oversupply of ships, cheap diesel) but the export and import charges associated.. each shipment, whether it’s a whole container, or a single awning, has export clearance charges, import clearance, duty’s, customs, etc, there are many charges involved.. this is affordable if spread out over a minimum of a pallet load of stock, or a container , but it makes it very expensive for send single items… so this is why we can’t send large single items to individual customers, but we can ship smaller light items..
  • Anything sent overseas with Australia Post, we have to take off our 10 % gst (goods and services tax) .. this is an Australian tax, and not applied to overseas orders.. but, I really need to add a 10 % ‘handling fee’, back onto the price, as overseas orders are a lot of extra work involved.. so the price advertised, will be the price charged… there will also be a $350 AU minimum order for these overseas orders sent via Aust Post.. it’s just not worth sending one canvas bag for example.. so yeah $350 min order amount…
  • GROUP BUYS.. it’s no problem to send items overseas, it’s just a matter of the freight. For example, the twist lock tent poles, which we can’t send normal freight (Aust Post) , can easily still be sent via ocean freight.. just it will attract higher fees as it has to individually go thru customs etc.. but, if doing a group buy, then the price can be very affordable still.. so if you can organise ideally three to four people together, each buying 3-400 min $$ worth of product, then we can get a quote for freight, and it would be I think affordable.. only thing, the freight has to be sent to one person only, then you have to organise how to distribute yourselves, so there may be some local freight you have to take into account.. it can get a bit difficult to organise, but if you want some Drifta gear, then this is the best way to do it..
  • So, again, if you’d like anything, pls just email me, with what you would like, listed on an email, and where you are located, and I can organise a freight quote.. if accepted, then we can send within a few days… thanks very much, luke…