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Sleeping Bag Bag – Green Canvas $49 Add to cart

Sleeping Bag Bag – Camo Canvas $55 Add to cart

Sleeping Bag Bag – Pink Canvas $55 Add to cart

540 mm high, 390 mm diameter

Canvas bag for your sleeping bag. This one fits the snow peak BD104, but will also fit many other sleeping bags..

Measure your sleeping bag rolled up, if you want one smaller, (custom size) , then just select which material you want, and put the size you need in the comments section. (height and diameter in mm) If it is smaller than the one shown here, we’ll do it the same price.. if it’s larger, then we’ll need to charge a bit more, you’ll have to email me sizes, so I can give you a price, but if it’s up to say 20 % larger, we’ll charge extra $10 – $20.. (custom sizes always take a lot more time)

Snow Peak oFuton

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