DPOR Drifta Pull Out with Return – Clear Finish $1190


SIZE  425 mm high, 1685 long, 490 deep, 43 kgs..

INCLUDES  THREE drawers, pull out sink, hand pump (new handpumps, won’t leak), 1050 mm folding return bench space, 1000 mm lower shelf, space for 3 burner stove, cupboard area, one set of legs. (extra set of legs, to make freestanding add $50..), plastic runner system.

FEATURES  loads of storage space, and more bench space than many people have at home :) all top surfaces laminated.. plastic runners connected to kitchen, slides easily in and out. This will hold all your cooking gear.. 3 x light easy to use drawers are a luxury when camping.. return bench very useable..

The DPOR kitchen, is the best camper trailer kitchen on the market.. pretty much unchanged, since i first designed it 12 years ago, we have now made over 2500 of this kitchen alone.. (14 000 total kitchens/ 4wd drawers) with loads of storage and bench space, very quick and easy to set up, like all our other customers who have this kitchen, you’ll fall in love with it.. because the kitchen is the focal point of your camp set up, it’s so important to have an organised / functional kitchen.. many other trailer kitchens, have very little design, storage or bench space.. if you just want to cook baked beans every night, then this is fine, but if you enjoy your cooking, then you really need the DPOR… for many people camping, like my mate Tim Parker always says “it’s all about the food” … the best thing about camping is to be out in the bush, and be able to easily prepare and cook beautiful meals.. with the DPOR kitchen, you have the space, and functionality where you can do exactly this… designed, and still made here in Australia, in our Gloucester NSW factory, you’ll be proud to own a Drifta DPOR..


Creeky is our manager for the kitchen department. He can look after you with any kitchen enquiries or orders.

EMAIL: creeky@drifta.com.au
PHONE: (02) 6558 2328

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Review: DRIFTA Camper Trailer Kitchen

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